Loving Maldives

There are not many travel destinations in the world that remain beautiful and sunny all the year. Maldives is one such place. No matter what time of the year you come here, you will always be welcomed by a sunny weather, beautiful beaches and the welcoming populace. Truly, there is nothing better than Maldives for people who want holidays with an exotic touch but do not wish to travel in Europe. It is one of the best destinations for luxurious travel in the world. There are almost 1200 islands in this small nation and all of them boast of the most stunning beaches in the world.


Loving the Maldives Islands

The water on the beaches is as white as crystallized sugar and the water is a delightful bluish-green that would make you crave for some watersports. Located in the Indian Ocean, this place is for those who want a holiday that millions of people plan for every year. There are numerous resorts here. In fact, every resort is an island, private and secluded from the rest of the space. Thinking about luxury? You will have a very tough time in choosing amongst the best hotel brands in the world that will provide you some truly outrageous luxury options. You can expect everything from pillow menus to personal butlers here. In fact, Maldives is a very popular destination for weddings and a huge number of honeymooners find their little paradise on these islands.

Maldives turtle

Underwater and more from Maldives

It is not just the beaches that would garner your attention. The world that remains underwater is equally amazing. If you are interested in marine life and wish to see what the astonishing islands have to offer, dive deeper into the seas to find the most ravishing underwater caves and coral walls. You will find many beautiful and colorful tropical fish in the ocean. Plan to go a little deeper into the ocean and you will also be finding whale sharks. There are many types of sharks, turtles and even manta rays here and they would certainly catch your fancy. The water is almost lukewarm and you can comfortably keep swimming for hours.

If you like snorkeling and surfing, there is no better place than Maldives for you. To add some more hint of luxury to your travel, you must certainly go on cruises along the islands. Extreme watersports and dolphin cruises are quite popular amongst the luxury travelers here. So what are you waiting for? Visit Maldives 🙂

Sailing Maldives

Luxury motor & sailing yacht charter.
Luxury hotel accommodation.
Private jet service including  airport ground handling.
Cooperate & incentive tours organizer.
Game fishing services.
Super yacht and mega yacht  supporting services within the Maldives sea and all ports clearance services including provision and bunker services.

Where is the Maldives?

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