Holi Fest Ideal Escapes

India is a vibrant and colorful nation that comes with many contradictions and stories of love and brotherhood. Nonetheless, the festivals here are also very beautiful and are celebrated with great vigor and fervor. One of the most amazing festivals of India is Holi. It is celebrated in February-March each year, as per the dates of the Indian calendar. It is celebrated all over the country but every place has certain customs and stories attached with its celebration. The most popular celebration of Holi takes place in Barsana. Even though Holi is a festival where people use ‘abeer’ and ‘gulal’- both natural colors, to greet and color each other, the Barsana Holi is nothing that you would have ever heard of. In this celebration, the women come with sticks in their hands and men have to protect themselves. Though it might seem violent at first, it is all done in good humor. The Luxury Train Tours is a good idea while spending holidays in India. Learn more and start the journey of a lifetime.India Statue The Holi festival is actually a two-day celebration. The first day is known as ‘Holika Dahan’. It is based on an ancient story of a princess possessing magical powers who sits on a bonfire with her nephew, Prahlad – the god-abiding prince, who refuses to give in to his demonic father. Holika, the princess had magical powers to save herself from any burns. However, by the grace of god and due to the devotion of Prahlad, the young prince is saved while Holika dies in the bonfire. Since that day, the victory of good over evil is celebrated by making a bonfire on the ‘Holika Dahan’ night and remembering the great Prahlad. Holi Festival IndiaThe next day celebration is what is known as ‘Holi’. It is also known as ‘lathmaar’, ‘phagun utsav’, ‘rangpanchami’ and ‘dhulendi’. On this day, people get ready with gulaal and other colors in the morning and visit each other’s house. They color each other and wish each other Holi as well. It is followed by sweets, especially ‘gujiya’, a kind of pastry made with white flour filled with ‘sooji’ and other delicious fillings. ‘Gujiyas’ are made in all households on the occasion of Holi. You will find many people travelling in groups, coloring everyone they meet and wishing them health and luck in life. It is said that even foes turn into friends on this day which is made to forget all enmity and focus only on spreading love and joy. If you are into colorful celebrations, lots of dance and festivities till the end of the day, Holi should be the festival you should never miss.

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