Adventure escapes in Queenstown

Are you willing to travel all the way down to the southern hemisphere in order to experience the most amazing adventure of your life? If yes, then Queenstown, New Zealand is the right destination for you. This alpine resort town is famous for its four season lakes. Queenstown is for adrenaline junkies who are always looking for fun things to do. Whether you like skiing or hiking, whether you prefer boat cruises or mountain biking, you will have everything that your heart can desire. What’s more? It is a very family friendly place. Therefore, you can come here with your entire family, whether someone is 6 or 60 and have fun with them.


Girl holding snowboard on top of mountain, blue sky background

If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then go bungee jumping or white water rafting. Canyon swinging and river surfing are also quite popular activities here. A day spent doing these activities will always be a day well spent. Paragliding is also an option for those who want to explore their limits in the sky. If you like skiing and snowmobiling, then you might considered coming here in the winter. The place has 4 ski grounds which are perfect for snowmobiling and snow shoeing. One of the most popular attractions of this region is the wine tasting tour that takes you through the majestic Central Ontago, Gibbston Valley and Cromwell region and makes you taste the best hand-crafted wine in the area.

Queenstown view

Queenstown downtown aerial view New Zealand at Dusk

You can also take charter flights to all locations of the Lord of the Rings series. Bridge bungee is also a popular activity amongst families. Go on guided tours of the Greenstone and Routeburn trails. Walk or hike in the nearby national parks or simply go on a lakeside or downhill biking adventure with your kids. If you would like to take some time off the adventurous activities, then go on guided sightseeing tours around town and learn about the history and landscape of the resort town. Similar tours are available as guided boating adventures and cruises as well.

This is not all. Queenstown has 6 visually spectacular golf courses where you could be playing in lush green lands surrounded by mountains. You can go skydiving or even parapenting here. Also go for shooting, winter sports, tennis and also on fishing excursions. When you are tired at the end of the day, you can rejuvenate your mind and body in a spa or enjoy the numerous cultural festivals and events that take place throughout the year.

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