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Kilimanjaro is a very popular mountain in Tanzania. In Africa, Kilimanjaro Mountain is the highest. Its vertical ascent is amazing. It also has volcano and during climbing one can climb through the climatological zones. You will enjoy the desert, the snow and the tropical rain forest. For a unique & healthy experience you can get in touch with Kandoo Adventures & plan the ideal tour for you & your group.


Leopard sitting on a tree on a background of Mount Kilimanjaro

The prices charged for climbing are usually friendly and affordable to customers. You can enjoy climbing through the Machame route or Maragu route. The Maragu route is the cheapest and quite quickest but has a least chance of making your summit. When you want to visit Mount Kilimanjaro, advanced booking is recommended to ensure you secure a chance of having a wonderful stay at Kilimanjaro. Booking with Tanzania based operator is also advantageous.

Kilimajaro ice

Scary View with ice of the Mount Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro also has many hiking routes to reach the summit. We have the circuit path in the north and the circuit path of the south. All these routes will take you to the summit of Kibo. You will also enjoy seeing the glacier. Most people like going to hike during the dry season and it’s usually in the month of July. July is known to be the high season for Kilimanjaro hiking. You can also go in January or February not during rainy seasons. After reaching the summit, you can also go visit the crater which is just a 45 minutes hike. Most people reach the summit while very tired and they ignore the crater but it’s definitely the most amazing place to reach.

Come enjoy the world’s tallest volcano. As you enjoy your tour, you may need refreshments and energy to keep you going up to the top. You can buy some quality healthy food from our food outlets.  You will get local and even international cuisines. You can also book early for your special food request.


You also do not have to worry about where to sleep. Most of the routes have camping services where you can comfortably sleep. There are provisions for sleep beds and pillows free of charge. You will be provided with a tent which has a net fitted inside to protect you from insects with a mattress. All this provided for our customers comfort. While on the route of Marangu, you will stay in huts made of wood with a single bed and a mattress. These huts have provisions for washing facilities and even toilets. Weather keeps changes at this point because it’s the highest peak in the whole of Africa. Everybody visiting is therefore advised to be prepared for any kind of weather while at Mount Kilimanjaro. Every visitor who tours this region never wants to leave. Spend your holiday at Kilimanjaro and enjoy a unique hiking experience.

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