Spring Holidays in Lucerne

The city is in central Switzerland and is famous for its astonishing natural beauty. Though, the whole country is a popular travel destination yet this city stands out to be one of the best of the best. This city has some of the very good looking buildings of the world and being a traveller you will find it most astonishing while exploring it on foot. The place is really good for group tours or some single travellers seeking peace in nature’s lap.


View of town Lucerne and seagulls on river Reuss. Switzerland

To start the travel you should visit the most appreciated Chapel Bridge. This place has been the favorite destination for photographers as well as sightseers. The man made wonder dates back to the 14th century and has been the most photographed structure in the whole country. Just beside the bridge lies the Water Tower which has a history most of us would be thrilled to hear. The 111.5 feet tall tower was used as a prison as well as a treasury and it would be really fascinating to hear its stories through a travel guide.  You can also visit the dying lion mountain which has often regarded as one of the most famous monuments in the world.  If you know the event of death of mercenaries in Tuileries in the year 1972 then this might leave you with tears in your eyes.

There are some old churches’ in the city which might calm you down in the tight schedule of travelling.  The most important cathedral in the city is the Hof Church and one the main churches’ in Switzerland as it holds a Benedictine monastery from the 8th century.   The Franciscan Church made in the 13th century will give you a glimpse of the gothic architecture prevalent in those times. But, if you are a fan of the architecture from the Renaissance period then you can visit the town hall and enjoy stage shows or exhibitions.  You can also see the Ritterscher palace for Renaissance inspired architecture which was made in 1557 for the mayor of the city.

You can also visit the Swiss transport museum if you are interested to see old automobiles, trains and planes. It would be a very fun as well as informative destination for you and your family.  If you are interested in art works then you can visit the Rosengart collection to see works from some of the finest artists from Europe.

The trip of Lucerne would be an experience for a lifetime.

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