Escape in Crans Montana

If you are in search of a place to escape the sun’s heat, then this place could be on top of your list. Although the whole Switzerland has places to enjoy cold weather still Crans Montana has stands out as a ski resort. This place has often been used for Women World Championships in skiing. It also gets attention as it hosts the second largest golf tournament in Europe.

Crans Montana

White view in Crans Montana

It has often been regarded as one of the most beautiful places for skiing around the globe.  You can enjoy the wilderness in an altitude ranging from fifteen hundred meters to three thousand meters. The pistes in this area range from seventeen blue pistes, twenty red pistes and four black pistes. If you are not as skilled, then you get a quick training at the skiing school to make yourself go better in the Alps.  The resort will provide these services from December 2015 till April 2016, so book your spot as soon as possible.

Crans Montana Lake

Crans-Montana, Switzerland, lake and sky blue

You can also enjoy the snow park which is arranged with various playing areas for unprofessional skiers. This park includes loops and ramps all around to give you all the fun while playing in the snow. It also has restaurants to serve you the hot coffee you might be in need of after playing in the snow. You can also enjoy sledging on the snow under professional supervision of the experts around the resort.

Golf lovers can enjoy their game at a golf course, which is at the highest point in the whole world. The golf course is very famous as it hosts major golfing events throughout the year.  You can also improve your skills under the guidance of best trainers from around the globe.

The place is filled with hotels that range from economy to luxury classes, which make it affordable for most of the people. You can go for camping, for mountain huts or even for group accommodations, which can easily cut your cost for accommodation. The place also has casinos which can make the trip more interesting for the lovers of the game. You can also skate cross country over the greens of the golf course, which are dumped side by the snow.

The place is best known for family trips and for those adventurers who live life on the edge. It will be an amazing experience in the lap of Mother Nature, while enjoying all the modern facilities of the world.

Where is Crans Montana?

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