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Are you not a regular traveler that prefers to visit places frequented by swarms of humans? Do you prefer to know wildlife and experience being a part of the wild? Are you not afraid of secluded spaces at the end of the world where nature rules at its mightiest best? If the answers to all these questions are affirmative, then you should visit Falkland Islands only.

Falkland islands

Coastline Falkland Islands

This is one of the few places on earth which have not been spoilt by excessive tourism. Here, you would come across thousands of species of birds, fish and mammals including albatross swimming across the clear blue skies and killer whales hunting for prey. Also, watch adorable elephant seals happily spending their time away from human interference.

Falkland penguins

King Penguins heading to the water in the Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are famous for their sunlit spaces, all of which provide a safe haven to numerous wild species. If you are coming here for a longer duration, then you can also visit the Stanley Shooting Range. Hiking and fishing are very popular sports in this region and you can even play a round of golf with the locals here. When you visit the Falkland Islands, you would come very close to nature. However, no tourists are advised to stay away from the wildlife (at least 6m away). However, there would be times when animals might come close to you. This place is also considered to be a dream destination for many wildlife photographers.

When you are not planning to visit the great outdoors, you can visit the Stanley Leisure Center and spend some time at the hearted indoor pool. The Dockyard Museum is also located here, which boasts of showcasing the most amazing views of the mountains as well as the harbors. This place is located in Dockyard, a place which has the oldest buildings of the region. You can also buy wooden and woolen crafts from Falkland Islands. If you want to have a close look at penguin chicks (or let them have a close look at you), then you should definitely pay this destination a visit. The hotels and lodges of this region are very warm and cozy and you also find mouthwatering food here. The Falkland Islands are important from an environmental as well as geological point of view. Therefore, visiting them and interacting with the raw and untouched side of nature would prove to be a great idea. Make sure you make use of it!

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