Loving Cold in Glacier Bay

If you want to enjoy the serenity and peace of seeing a white cover of snow all around then the Glacier Bay National park in Alaska is a place to visit. Alaska is a magnificent place to become close to the nature and to see the unique and preserved wildlife. You can enjoy camping and lodging in the park while experiencing one of the most beautiful sites of the world.

Glacier Bay

Wild flowers near Mc’Bride glacier in Glacier Bay National Park.

The mighty glaciers of Alaska, will mesmerise you and you will realise how small we humans are in respect to the mother nature. The flawless beauty of snowy mountains has stayed since the last 4000 years and goes up to the height of 15,320 feet. These mountains are taller than most of the peaks in the whole United States. You can also take a trip around the glaciers in the day tour which starts early at 7:00AM and continues till 3:00 PM. The ranger gives information about the glaciers and answers all your naturally occurring queries.  The place also has a dense rainforest, which is filled with unique flora and fauna to be seen and cherish for. This combination of white and green  view makes the area look majestic throughout the year.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay in Mountains in Alaska, United States

If you are interested in hiking then there are many trails to walk on inside the lush green forest near the lodging camp. Though the rangers provide you all the information about the trail yet the hikers just have to be a bit cautious as they move into the land of bears and moose’s who can harm if intimidated. You can also enjoy watching whales on the M/V TAZ. You can enjoy photography and going along with the whales, while they move in the ocean with complete freedom. You can also enjoy kayaking in the place with an instructor or on independent trails to satisfy the adventurer inside you.

If you are interested to take a bird’s eye view of the place, then you can board the sightseeing plane, which will lead you to see the place with a totally new perspective. If you are interested in fishing then you can do it in the Alaskan way and enjoy the oversized fishes all over the place. Just book your spot in advance as it gets fill up quickly due to large numbers of fishing fans.

All in all the place is a complete holiday package and if you fell like spending the time of your life then you are heartily invited into the nature’s beauty.

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