Ideal Summers in Crete

What could be the most wonderful place to spend a holiday during summer? It certainly has to be Crete. This beautiful and enchanting island of Greece makes you dive into a mysterious but nonetheless attractive world where every day feels like a fairytale. It is the southernmost European Island and provides a distinctive Greek appeal that you would hardly find at the mainland. Everything that you would need at a perfect summer holiday is here- from sandy beaches to mountains and a great nightlife as well. Whether you want to enjoy a quiet day in a tranquil and serene location or wish to dance your heart out in the nightclubs, you will get it all here.



Voulismeni lake in Agios Nikolaos. Crete, Greece, Europe – Image courtesy of TUI –

Crete experiences the warm and clear European sun for most part of the year. You will be mesmerized to find tall mountains beside beautiful beaches. There is some unique wildlife and a large variety of plants that can only be found in Crete. If you are a nature lover, spending just one day in this unique destination would give you the most beautiful experience of your life. You will find a lot of healthy and delicious recipes made of authentic cheese and olive oil in this region. There are some rare herbs, spices and plants that you will get to taste here. This place is loved by adventure travelers, nature enthusiasts, archaeologists and historians alike who love spending their time here while sipping Greek coffee blends.

Nice hidden spot in Crete

Boats on Lake Voulismeni. Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece

Summer is the best time to visit Crete. You can opt for public beaches and great hotels or just opt for some hidden beaches, covers and boutique resorts. The neo-classical architecture seen in this island matches very well with the cool and relaxed appeal that it offers to the tourists. It has many small towns and tranquil villages as well. You can take Charter flights to the island or a ferry from the sea. Hiring a taxi or renting a car would be great options to move around the city. There are many beautiful and welcoming hotels, both big and small, offering you an amazing stay in this breathtaking island.

The best way to enjoy Crete would be to spend at least a week here. It is the largest island in Greece and is full of historical ruins and awe-inspiring landscapes. With clear blue sea and a bright sky coupled with white houses and resorts, Crete is certainly a traveler’s delight. When are you coming here?

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