Escape Autumn in Budapest

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. It is often referred to as the Paris of the East. Even though this city has been home to humans since the times of the Old Stone Age, it began to exist formally in the year 1872. Budapest is most popular for its thermal springs, architecture and culture. The thermal springs in this city have been used for therapeutic functions since the Stone Age era. Attractive over 20 million tourists every year, below are some of the destinations you might want to explore during your autumn, holiday.

Budapest view

historic architectural palace in Budapest

The Buda Castle Hill

Budapest Castle Buda

The Budapest Castle Hill Funicular. Castle hill funicular in Budapest, Hungary. Budavari Siklo, Budapest, Hungary.

This is the most spectacular place to visit in Budapest. Here you will have a look at the impressive architectural artworks of our fore masters. Set up in the 18th century, this beautiful building contains over 200 rooms which are spectacularly illuminated during the night. The Fisherman’s Bastion is another fascinating highlight of the Castle Hill. Here you will learn how local fishermen used to carry out their activities as well as defense installations. You may also visit the Mathias church and have a look at the numerous statues in the city.

The Gellert Hill

The Gellert Hill falls steeply towards the Danube. Here you will come across geological wonders including medicinal springs such as the Rudas Baths and the Gellert Spa. Take a bath in these medicinal spring and experience spiritual and physiological healing. You will also see the Gellert monument, named after St. Gellert, which stands on a manmade waterfall. Get clear views of the city and you learn about the story of the Benedictine Monk. The Liberation Monument was set up in the year 1947 in memory of those Soviet soldiers that died in the World War II.

The Danube Promonade

It is often referred to as the Duna. It flows from the north of the city towards the south. Find appropriate locations where you can get magnificent views of this majestic river. Stroll towards its banks in Buda or Pest side as you enjoy the stunning architecture of the city. The Shoes on the Danube Bank memorial includes over 60 pairs of sculpted shoes in memory of the Jews who were shot in the World War II. Explore this river by boat and stop by Vigado ter which is based on the Pest bank.

The Margaret Island

This is the main recreation center for Budapest residents and tourists. Here you will take medicinal baths from the thermal spring as you walk through beautiful gardens. The Palatinus Baths is the most popular in this destination. It has a wide range of swimming pools and medical pools that accommodate over 20,000 bathers at ago. Relax at the Rose Garden and spend some quality outdoor activity.

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