Ideal Holidays in Provence

Provence is among the most visited and beautiful sites in France. It lies to the south east of this beautiful country and boasts of a stunning relaxing atmosphere for family holidays. This destination includes snowcapped mountains, lavender fields and Verdon gorge that attract millions of visitors every year.  Enjoy magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea with sparkling blue waters. To cut the long story short, Provence has everything you need for a wonderful family holiday. Below are some of the attractions you might consider visiting during your holiday in Provence.


A street of an old village in La provence

Monastere de la Verne

This majestic historical building was set up during the 13th century and sits on the top of the mountain. Pass through a fascinating forest as you head to the Monastery de la Verne to enjoy magnificent views of the city. Ensure you view the symbol of goddess Larvena, who was regarded as protector of bandits that used to hide in Maures. This site also includes a beautiful garden with shops offering appetizing artisanal foods and handcrafted pieces of artwork.

Gallo Roman Ruins


Les Baux de-Provence, Provence, France

Vasio Vocontirum is a former Roman city, which flourished between the 2nd and 6th century. This city was ruined during the world war and the remains are found here. You may also visit La Villasse to get an insight of the culture of this city and the lives of its native residents. Puymin boats of a wide range of nobility, a servant’s quarter, mosaic and a temple. Theatre Antique has been existing since AD 20 and includes over 6000 seats for entertainment enthusiasts. The Musee Archeologique gives you an insight of the Roman past.

Vieux Port

This is probable one of the oldest ports in the world. Ships have been docking at this destination for over 26 centuries. You can also visit Joliette where commercial docks exist. The Vieux port is most famous for its wide range of fishing boats and pleasure yachts. You can catch a ride on the fishing boats for a unique fishing experience or simply enjoy a ride on the yachts. The southern quay of the port is filled with several bars, theatres and restaurants. Now head to Abbaye St-Victor and stop by Musee du Santon to view handcrafted santons.

Pont du Gard

This is a Unesco World Heritage Site, located just 21 kilometers from Nimes. You may visit the Musee de la Romanite to learn the history of this bridge. The site also includes a Ludo playground for kids fun. River Gard flows along Memoires de Garrigue walking trail. Visit the bridge in the evening or during dark hours and be amazed with its stunning illumination. Let your family walk on the various tiers of this bridge to enjoy fascinating views of the River.

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