Enjoy British Virgin Islands

British Virgin is probably one of the best tourist destinations in the world. This destination has often been referred to as Paradise by most beach enthusiasts who prefer island hoping. Jost Van Dyke is undoubtedly the best beach bar in the world. The Anegada beach is hot and perfect for sunbaths. I understand it is quite challenging to select the best beaches in this wonderland because they are all truly spectacular and attractive. If you are visiting British Virgin Island, here are some of the beaches you might want to spend some quality time.

British Virgin Islands

Young girl at cave covered with water at The Baths beach area major tourist attraction at Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands with white sand, turquoise ocean and huge granite boulders

White Bay Beach

This is where all your holiday desires are fulfilled. Walk through the fine white sand towards the inviting blue waters of the ocean. This beach also includes a wide variety of beach bars and restaurants that offer you the best cuisines in the city. Enjoy a cold beer as you relax at the beach and get magnificent views of the ocean waves. This beach is split into 2 proportions by a knobby hill. The corals at the bay are extremely appealing. Enjoy a ride on a boat as you move around this two proportions. You may also choose to cruise towards the Soggy Dollar bar for a quality evening.

The Sandy Cay Beach

British Virgin islands Underwater

Antique sepia image of Underwater photographer engaging a giant stingray off a wreck in the British Virgin Islands

The Sandy Cay Beach lies just next to the Sandy Spit beach. These idyllic beaches are surrounded with attractive aquamarine waters that are luminous. Circumnavigate through the Sandy Spit and view the palm trees standing above the scrub. The Sandy Cay is a perfect place for snorkeling because of its shallow waters. It also includes a lagoon that is nice for relaxing while it’s calm.

Great Harbor and Little Harbor

These beaches are most toured because of the wide range of water activities. You may enjoy relaxing at the shores as you view ocean waves. Snorkeling is a common water activity that has attracted most visitors to this destination. If you do not prefer snorkeling, I suggest you try board surfing. The beach has shallow waters that make it perfect and safe for kids. Let you family enjoy a quality moment at this beach as you grab a cold beer at Foxy Callwood. The Tamarind Bar and grill is a nice place to dine with a diverse range of local dishes.

Tortolla-Smuggler’s Cove

This beach is most popular for its fine and soft sand. The smugglers Cove Bar is a nice place to celebrate your evening. Enjoy some of the local dishes as you dance to your favorite music. The bar also includes lives performances from some of the top local artists. It is surrounded by a coral reef that protects the shores from water breaks. If you prefer solitude, you can relax at this quiet beach with calm waters. You may also try to snorkel just a few yards from the shore.

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