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Zanzibar is composed of a group of islands which is also known as an archipelago whilst being run on a partially-independent basis. Situated off the Tanzanian coast and comprising of islands such as the Zanzibar Island or Unguja, Pemba islands along with being home to a number of other smaller-sized isles, Zanzibar has also been known to have a rich history whilst being war-torn during the year 1986 where surrender to the British troops was faced.

Zanzibar beach

Wooden sailboat (dhow) and palm trees on a tropical beach of Zanzibar island

The cities, enclosed within the Zanzibar umbrella include – Stone Town; Makunduchi which is located 70 km away from Stone Town; the Kizimkazi, Urao & Jambiani fishing villages; the kite-town of Paje; the traditional Matemwe village; the Kendwa tourist destination; Nungwi where the travelers can enjoy swimming in the ocean and Chwaka village, which is the largest village under the grouping.


The various modes of transport to get around when exploring the Zanzibar destination include the dala-dala, shared taxis and standard taxi services, Ferries and car rentals also constitute as additional means of transport.

You can enjoy a viewing of the white-sand beaches and caves during the Zanzibar voyage. Treks and village tours are also organized on a regular basis to introduce people in the background of this spectacular-sights destination. Spices such as saffron, ginger, cloves, cardamom, nutmeg, anise and pepper can be shopped for and carried home to take a taste of the place back with you to remember the Zanzibar-journey by.


The Jozani Forest offers visuals of the trees and plants that are native to the Zanzibar region. You can also embark upon the mangrove forests for impressive views of the district. The sighting of the Red Columbus monkeys is also narrowed to the Zanzibar area as they need to feed upon 70 plant species, which can be found alone in the forest and not anywhere else in the world.

When taking a stopover at Stone Town then you can soak-in the visuals of the Arab Fort and the House of Wonders, when booked on a walking tour to witness the historical importance of the Zanzibar location on the World map. Open-air markets are another spectacular view that Zanzibar offers for the patrons where rare ingredients such as ‘elephant garlic’ and exotic fruits such as the largest avocados can be purchased. It is also a must to browse through the seaweed center where a large portion of the working population consists of women. You can procure soaps and creams comprised with seaweed at the factories.

The residents are inviting and they also serve food, cooked according to their traditions to the tourists thereby providing you adequate reasons to go the Zanzibar way.

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