Going Cultural in Copenhagen


Copenhagen, Denmark – aerial view of the Old Town. Oresund region.

1 The Little Mermaid is the name of a well known fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen and also of a delicate statue emblematic for Denmark.
This wonderful sculpture symbol of love sacrifice turned 100 years old in 2013. The author, Carl Jacobsen, was inspired by the famous fairy tale. Every year thousand of tourists come to Lanjelinje Pier to admire this wonderful work dedicated to love.

2. Tivoli Park is a famous entertainment garden in Copenhagen with a rich offer for everyone. It is very popular all around the world and well known for its roller coasters, of which the most popular is Rutschebanen (the Mountain Coaster). There are also other attractions: The Pantomime Theater, the Tivoli Guard Boys, Tivoli Aquarium, The Concert Hall.


The historical ships in Nyhavn (New Harbour), Copenhagen, Denmark.

3. Meet the Rococo Danish style, by visiting Amalienborg Palace, the current Danish Queen residence. It consists in four buildings: Palace Christian theVII th (Moltke Palace), Palace Christian the VIIIth (Levetzau Palace), Palace Frederik the VIIIth (Brockdorff Palace) and Palace Christian the IX th (Schack palace).
Two of these palaces are opened to public: Palace Christian the VIIIth, a museum of Danish Royal Family and Palace Christian theVIIth, the place where the Queen receives her guests and the officials from other countries.
In the central courtyard you can admire the equestrian statue of king Frederik the Vth.
The latest piece of this complex is Amalie Garden (Amaliehaven), dating from 1983. This two level garden was given to Copenhagen citizens by A.P. Møller and Chastine McKinney Møller Foundation. Marble statues and a central fountain beautifies this place.

4. National Gallery of Denmark is an art museum that houses art collections dating from XIVth century up to now. The art lovers will find here valuable art work grouped in collections as follows: European Art 1300–1800; Danish and Nordic Art 1750–1900; French Art 1900–1930; Danish and International Art After 1900; The Royal Cast Collection.
The access to see the permanent collections is free.

5. Visit the National Aquarium Denmark to enrich your knowledge about the water world. The “Blue Planet”, the largest aquarium of Northern Europe, is designed to offer a unique experience to children and adults. The “Blue Planet” is structured in five sections: The Rainforest, The African Great Lakes, Evolution and adaption, Cold Water, The Warm Ocean

6. Known also as King’s Garden, Rosenborg Castle Gardens dates since early 1600’s.
Today is a popular relaxing place in the down town. The flowerbeds, Hercules Pavilion, roses – garden, the numerous statues are some of the attractions of this place. Recently the area enriched with the symmetrical Renaissance garden – Krumspringet and an adventure playground for children.
In summer, the garden houses also cultural events such a puppet show for children and jazz shows during Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

7. 3000 of animals of 264 species can be admired in the 7 sections of Copenhagen Zoo, a place to visit for the entire family. The Nordics and the Arctic Ring, Asia, South America, Africa, Islands, Tropical Zoo, Children’s Zoo are the main exhibitions of the Zoo.

8. The Lakes Copenhagen is a row of three lakes in the central area and a distinct feature of the city. The over 6 km path around the area is used for walking, open-air exercise or just for a rest next to the water.

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