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Have an upcoming holiday? Looking for the best way to spend it? A beach holiday in Los Angeles is certainly the best way you can spend the vacation. Los Angeles has got some rather marvelous beach hotels that are sure to treat you to some wonderful time. You will enjoy the ocean breeze from these hotels while enjoying the marvelous waves crushing on the cliffs or running through the sand of the beaches.

Los Angeles Beach

Exploring the sunny beach of LA

Proximity to the beach is one of the key features that you need to consider when choosing a hotel in which to spend time in during your beach holiday. It would only be wise of you to choose a hotel that is only a short distance from the beach you find interesting. This way, you can always gain access to the beach whenever you feel like hanging around it. There is however nothing to worry about when you take a beach trip to Los Angeles. This is due to the fact that there are several beach hotels that offer you easy access to the beach.

Los Angeles

Driving in Los Angeles

Beach life in Los Angeles is an experience to behold. Venice Beach which is located south of Santa Monica is a great beach that offers a lot of exciting and fun-packed activities. The beach spreads three miles and is filled with sand. If you are the outdoors kind of person who loves engaging in physical activities, then this beach will treat you to an awesome experience. There are a bunch of surfers around the Venice Beach and you can feel free to join them for a time of your life.

The well renowned Malibu is located on the northern side of Santa Monica. The town which is well known for its fabled beaches and has a coastline that spans 21 miles is just a short distance from LA and is easily accessible from the city. The beaches of Malibu boast of fabulous white sand whose texture bring a great feel to the soles of your feet. There are public courts in which beach goers can play volleyball and there is a snack bar as well. There are even some occasions in which you will be able to have a view of the grey whales of California migrating, usually between late December and March.

A beach holiday is not just about sun bathing in the sand and watching the tides but also about adventure and exploring. A beach holiday in LA is not over until you have taken a hike to the Leo Carrillo State Park, another gem offered by Malibu. The beach is one and a half miles long and has got stunning features. It is lined with reefs, tide pools as well as coastal caves. There is also a vast tree-lined campsite.

Hotels like Casa del Mar, Venice Beach House, Shade Hotel and several others are here to cater for all your accommodation and dining needs. They offer top-notch services and boast of state of the art facilities that you could only dream of.

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