Adventures at the North Cape

Imagine yourself in a place far north of Europe. Where the Arctic Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine how the frigid waters of these two oceans mix.  Yes, that place exists. It is the North Cape, which is based in Western Finnmark, Northern Norway. Exception for Svalbard Archipelego, you will not see any dry land up to the North Pole. The summer sun does not set for a whole 2 ½ months. If you are visiting the North Cape, here are some of the destinations you might consider visiting.

North Cape

In Norway at the island Mageroya, at one of the northern cliffs the North Cape is located. The cape includes a 307-metre high cliff with a large flat plateau on top.

The North Cape Hall

Sometimes it is referred to as the North Cape Visitor Center. This destination is known for hosting a wide range of exhibitions around the year. The hall also includes a cinema center where visitors enjoy viewing panoramic films. These films are shown at intervals. Ensure you arrive in time before your favorite film begins. The hall also includes a souvenir shops with amazing hand crafted items to purchase. The restaurants at this center are known for offering the best local tradition dishes. Visit the St Johannes Kapel, which attracts millions of visitors for spiritual healing. The chapel is also known as home for North Cape weddings.

Rock Carvings in Alta

Aurora Borealis

Norway under the Northern Lights

Alta Village boasts of over six thousand rock carvings. These rock carvings are linked to elk and swimming deer. There is also a wide variety of vessels fishing and bear hunting halibuts that take you back to over 2000 to 7000 years ago. The Alta Rock Carvings are unique and attractive. They give you an insight of the Stone Age. You will understand how people in this land lived during the Stone Age era.

The Meridian Column

The Meridian Column is located in Hammerfest. What is the size of the earth? Probably you are wondering if am crazy for asking such a stupid question. During the mid of the 17th century, the earth planet was measured by Von Struve, a German astronomer. His survey was completed at the Meridian Column. Now you understand why you must visit this destination.

Alta Canyon

This is the largest canyon in Europe. Alta River passes through the largest Canyon forming cliffs over 300 feet deep. These cliffs are found at the Finnmark plain towards the fjords. The Alta Dam is also a must see because of its impressive features. Explore this Canyon with your family or friends and enjoy a lifetime moment.

Havoysund National Tourist Route

At this amazing destination, you will come across a landscape with no tree but only geological formations and beautiful rocks. The national tourist route begins at Havoysund. You can also enjoy a ride on the ferry to view some of the coastal communities.

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