Santorini & the Family Holidays

Ever been to a magical island that is enveloped with amusement and charm? Santorini, often termed as the Crown Jewel of Greece, has become one of the most toured destinations in Greece. With its romantic atmosphere & impressive accommodation this beautiful island has been ranked among the top ten destinations for honeymoons, family or romantic escapes and yachting. Some thousands years back, this island went through a series of ruinous volcanic explosions. This resulted to a wonderland with unique geographical characteristics including steep cliffs, attractive ocean views and volcanic rocks . Here are some of the top attractions you must visit during a family tour.


Just to understand how is Santorini, Oia

Explore Oia

What comes to your mind when you come across the word Santorini? A picture of whitewashed houses covers with fascinating blue shutters. I’m talking about Oia village. This village located in the northwest of the caldera and has interesting narrow streets with small-renovated cave-like houses. These houses belonged to the seamen in the ancient times. Nowadays, these houses host thousands of tourists who want to get clear views of the ocean as they take photos of the iconic landscapes in Greece.

Kamari Beach

This is a black pebble beach. The beach is surrounded by jagged cliffs of the Profitis Ilias and Mesa Vouno Mountains. With crystalline clear waters of the Aegan, the Kamari beach has thatched umbrellas where you can chill during hot sunny days. Walk on the sandy beach and play a wide range of beach sports with your family. This beach also includes a plethora of shops that offer you a world-class shopping experience. Walk to the many surrounding restaurants like the Nicheteri Restaurant and enjoy some of the local cuisines.


Santorini Greece

Traditional tourist attraction. Donkey of Santorini waiting for work

Your family will definitely love to ride on a donkey. Santorini is famous for its numerous donkeys, which have become an integral part for local tourism. The Village of Fira is where you will enjoy a donkey ride with your family down the 588 steps up to the old harbor. For as low as 5 Euros, you can enjoy a three minute donkey ride.

Gaia Wineries

Santorini has an international reputation for viniculture. The white Assyrtiko grapes are the most dominant species. Wine production in this city began long ago, since the Roman times. Visitors come here to enjoy a taste of the 19th century wines. You do not want to miss this.

Santorini Sailing

Santorini has a unique landscape filled with water. On your sailing tour, you will learn about the magical rock formations, get clear scenic views of whitewashed cities and pass through the incredible white private beaches. You may pull over for an afternoon swimming break as you enjoy a plethora of seafood.

Museum of Prehistoric Thira

The only best way to finish your holiday tour in Santorini is by visiting the Museum of Prehistoric Thira. Here you will come across frescoes. You will also date back to several thousand years as you learn the history and culture of the city. With an insight to the life of the early man, this museum is a perfect place to visit.

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