Family Getaways in Corsica, France

Beaches and adventure camps are what drives hordes of people to the wonderful island of Corsica along the Mediterranean Sea, which is considered as a part of France, whilst retaining its Italian Charm. The Island is also home to crowded forests, rocky crests and coastal towns. You can also note that half the island has been converted into a park, where treks can be taken to explore the region. Taking a trip with your family to Corsica might just be the pill you may need to take to revitalize your senses to keep you bouncing with life.


Wild and beautiful coast of Corsica with spectacular stone formations in the sea

Corsica is well-known for its water activities which may include – sailing, diving, paddle-boarding, surfing, boating and swimming. Other water-based sports that you can enjoy during the Corsica stay are – canyoning, rafting and kayaking – if you love the thrill of adventure. Children can also partake in the canyoning action where they may be required to jump from high altitudes to dip into the water bodies if they are beyond the age of 6-7 years.

Corsica Beach view

Old lighthouse in Corsica sea

Browsing through the botanical gardens around the island is also a must if you enjoy being around the nature settings. Museums and galleries can also be visited, which constitute as entertainment and educational centers that you can visit along with family members.

Driving to the Lana Corsa studio on the island where you can witness the artisans at work whilst they develop Corsican wool into cloth-items such as pullovers, shawls, scarves, rugs, blankets, socks and ponchos in earthy colors such as grey, beige, ecru and black are additional things that you can indulge in during the island stay. You can also enroll for a 1-hour long tour where the knitting, weaving, spinning and dyeing which comes under the 4 stages of wool manufacturing happens. It may also interest you to know that only plant-based dyes are used for the different colors of the cloth fabrics.

The Corsican island can be reached via ferry or airplanes from France and European boundaries and can be accessed throughout the year. The island has 4 international airports and 7 commercial ports where you can gain entry into the island from other destinations such as Italy, French major towns and European cities.

Located between the sea and the mountains, the Corsica isle contains rock sculptures thereby adding to the beauty of the area. The Calanche de Piana cliffs and granite peaks around the sea view enhance the visual appeal and tourist value of the island.

Other alluring aspects related to Corsica are the pollution-free environment and nature-filled milieu, which are enough reasons for making that trip with your family to discover its hidden secrets.

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