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The Chicago city houses many towering buildings, which entices many travelers to flock in the region to enjoy the architectural splendor provided by one of the largest American cities, which is situated on Lake Michigan within the Illinois jurisdiction. Some of the most prominent skyscrapers that can be accessed when in Chicago are – the John Hancock center, Tribune Tower and the Ledge at the Skydeck Chicago observatory around the Wills Tower.


City of Chicago. Aerial view of Chicago downtown at twilight from high above.

The Buckingham Fountain situated at Grant Park belongs to the category of the largest fountains world-wide where you can stand witness to the colorful display of lights during the evening hours whilst looking magnificent across the city’s skyline and the musical background also enhances the mood.

Chicago city view

Chicago City View

Riding aboard the Ford river on a boat tour to catch the glimpses of the city’s tallest structures is another activity that can keep you busy during your stay. The river is the only one of its kind that flows backwards, which was created by the public works department during the early 1900’s in an attempt to save the Chicago district from being plagued by waterborne diseases.

Shops, restaurants and bars are stretched alongside the Navy Pier city destination where you can ride on the Ferris wheel. The wildlife city sanctuary is the Lincoln Park Zoo, where you can soak the sights of the lion beasts roaming around freely within set boundaries.

The Millennium Park is another tourist attraction where you and your family can be entertained at the Lurie Garden, Crown Fountain, Jay Pritzker Pavilion and the water-shedding glass towers. The center has also been listed as one of the biggest Green Shelters around the world.

You can also bring the children along to the Maggie Daley Park, which is positioned in the Western region of the Millennium Park. Child-based activities such as rock-climbing facades, play-bridges and sliding can keep the little ones hungry for more fun.

The Chicago waterfront contains an extensive shoreline, large number of sandy beaches and far-reaching walking trails that are best accessed during the warm summer months. The Art Institute of Chicago can also be reached to view paintings and other sculptures if you have an interest in the arena. The Chicago Cultural center should also be browsed for additional art displays. Theatres abound the wonderful city of Chicago and there you can also enjoy live performances. Jazz clubs which come under the entertainment category are other places that you may find worth-while visiting.

Chicago is a bustling city filled with life where merriment and joy are the mantras that people live by. The town is also great to take your family along during the vacations for bonding with the members to develop closer bonds.

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