Cold Getaways in Spitsbergen

The illuminating experience of the Northern Lights is best enjoyed from the Spitsbergen Island which finds its location in the Northern territory of the Norwegian district and belonging to the Svalbard Archipelago. The Spitsbergen Island can be found around the Western region whilst being surrounded by several water bodies.


The amazing and frightening impression of Svalbard

Snowmobiling within the glaciers range during the safari tours is one of the most exciting adventures that you can engage in during the Spitsbergen sojourn. Dogs being harnessed to sleds whilst guiding people through the riverbeds as well as mountains where they can enjoy the fox and reindeer sightings can also make you look forward for the Spitsbergen trip.

Spitsbergen ice

Too much ice in Spitsbergen

Taking a trip into the ice caves can be both intimidating as well as fun-filled. Also the necessary equipment is provided by the crew to ensure your safety when exploring the slippery terrain.

Enrolling for the 5-day trekking expedition which is held toward the Western Spitsbergen region where camping is enabled around the Svea glacial expanse within the Ekmanfjorden territory – is something that must not be missed. The Nordre Isfjorden National Park is visited during the tour where one gets to learn about the cultural heritage associated with the province. It must also be noted that hiking is completed on rocky terrain and not meant for the faint-hearted and the non-adventurous groups. Beaches, mountains, islets, glaciers and valleys are some of the nature sightings that you may find attractive during the camp trails. You will need to carry only your backpacks during the rock-climbing missions which are a regular feature when undergoing the camping experience. Hitch-hiking is the ideal way in which you can unearth the Arctic treasures where you can keep your mind away from life’s worries and is the perfect anti-dote that you may need to feel refreshed.

Embarking upon cruise trips also constitutes additional activities that should be indulged in where the wildlife belonging to the region is open for viewing. Polar bears, walruses, whales and foxes are some rare animal sights that can be savored during these trips.

Reaching the Spitsbergen borough can be through the Longyear Airport in Longyearben, Svalvard. Flights from Oslo and Tromso in Norway can be accessed to arrive at the concerned destination. Snowmobiling is one of the transport modes during the winter months. Snowmobiles are also available on rental basis whereby you can travel around the island to soak in the spectacular ice-filled sights.

Special offers can also be availed if bookings are made early when you have confirmed your decision to travel Spitsbergen this winter.

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