Nature Escapes In Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park is situated in Northwest Wyoming. It is the oldest national park of USA and covers large area. Yellowstone National Park is the best destination for nature lovers. Here you can experience various shades of nature at one place such as hot springs, beautiful lakes, green forest ranges, geysers, awesome waterfalls, crayons and many more exciting views. Yellowstone National Park has almost 300 geysers and more than 100 types of wild birds and exotic vegetation. You can also enjoy various interesting outdoor activities along with natural sceneries such as fly fishing, snowshoeing, hiking, kayaking, skiing etc. What are you waiting for? Just organize a trip to Yellowstone National Park and spend some beautiful days in the lap of nature.


yellowstone national park – the emerald pool with bison roaming in background

Yellowstone lake

To get a peaceful feeling, Yellowstone Lake is the best place. You will be able to see various geysers, boiling hot spots and mineral pools dotting at the bank of the lake. The West Thumb, Mary bay and Sedge Bays are the hot spring areas found in the lake. The Mary Bay is the hottest area (122°C recorded temp) in the lake.


Night in Yellowstone

Night in Yellowstone

This national park is the home to most beautiful geysers across the world. There are almost more than 500 geysers in Yellowstone National Park. The major geyser basins are Norris, Shoshone, west thumb, upper, middle, lower and heart lake. The most popular geyser is located at upper geyser basin which shoots water forming rainbow with its mist in the air.

Hot springs and mudpots

The quite usual geothermal activities of Yellowstone National Park are hot springs and mudpots. The springs heated up from under the water surface are known as hot springs. On the other hand the acidic hot springs with rotten egg odour are known as mudpots which rock down into clay when break. The Grand Prismatic Spring is the major hot spring found in Yellowstone National Park.

The Grand Canyon

This canyon covers almost 20 miles area and reaches about 366 metres in depth. It is formed by the Yellowstone River and creates various beautiful views such as upper and lower falls. You will find only 1 trail, the 7 mile hole which wind past red canyon walls having emerald dense forest at the top. You should come here early in the morning to get most of it and to avoid crowd.

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