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If you are still young at heart and want explore more about nature and your connection, then Zion National Park can be the perfect destination for you. The place is located in the Utah region in the U.S.  Earlier the place was under the native American‘s but now it has become a national monument due to the canyon’s it has. The area has varied land diversification with the highest point of 2,660 meters and the lowest point at 1,117 meters. This makes the land a favourable place for hikers and rock climbers who can test their skills on this land.


Photograph of the famous Subway Formation of Zion National Park with the Emerald Pools. View looking towards the entrance.

The land is also a home to varied flora and fauna and all the nature lovers can enjoy time with 79 types of mammals, 289 types of birds, 28 types of reptiles, and 7 types of fishes.  The different soil and climatic conditions in the area covered by park makes it such a diversely populated place.  You can visit the place between March to October to enjoy a walk into the nature and horse riding under professional supervision. You can also enjoy hiking in the area but you will need permission from authorities to pass the Big Springs.

Zion Park

Zion National Park Cliffs, USA

You can also enjoy camping at three spots in this area. They are the Lava point, the Watchman and the South Camping Zone. If you are going for the watchman then don’t forget to reserve your place on a prior basis. These places are famous for their clear starry nights and the cold and cozy climate in the night. You can also enjoy seeing the past of the southwest of America and the history of the Zion National Park itself. You can also enjoy lodging at the Zion Lodge which has cafes, restaurants, gift shops and other such shops of daily needs. The Lodge is open throughout the year and it will be the best place for you to fill up all the requirements before heading into the wild. You can also go for rides with professionals on the sand dunes even on your own vehicles.

A music festival is also organised in this place in the month of September which can be a better place to perform or enjoy music in the midst of nowhere. The place is can be described as a call from nature which you must answer in a lifetime. With all its facilities and adventure activities the Zion National Park stands out among popular vacation destinations.

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