Escape Holidays in Dubai

Dubai needs no introduction it is one of the most lavish places around the globe. The beautiful place within the desert is in itself a magnificent sight to see and be part of.  There are many attractions in this place from manmade beaches to sky touching buildings and the very famous lifestyle of the Arab sheikhs.


Dubai night skyline. Dubai streets by night. Al Yaqoub tower Dubai. Dubai Millennium Plaza. Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road by night. Dubai night view. Dubai cityscape by night. Dubai metro station view.

This city is famous for hosting fabulous parties and facilities for the tourists especially for those who have a fat bank balance. Though it is surrounded by a desert, it serves all the modern amenities to its residents and the visitors. The city is also famous for its more than beautiful beaches where you can enjoy sunbathing and major sports events which happen in this part of the world.  Again, partying and dining can be one of the two major attractions of this city.

Dubai Camel

Camel at the urban background of Dubai.

The whole city is manmade and you won’t find any natural attractions or pleasures of nature here expect of the sand. You can see camel races here which are a unique aspect of this place. You can also see the world’s largest suspended aquarium in Dubai which will let you see thousands of fish right beneath the desert. Being a place for the billionaires, Dubai has very beautiful golf courses attracting all the golf lovers around the globe. You can also roam around the sand dunes in the hot air balloons seeing the beautiful sunset or the sunrise.

The most amazing attraction is the skiing centre which hosts all the facilities of providing skiing facility to its visitors. It is very cool to feel -4 degree Celsius inside a dome located in the middle of a desert. The city also has a water park known as Wild Wadi which hosts a lot of water rides and other water sports for its visitors. It has all kinds of pools and waterfalls to beat the heat of the place. The place is also well known for shopping gold and electronic goods. So if you are really keen to buy any of such goods then Dubai is the place to be.

You can also rest in one of the most luxurious hotels in the world the Burg al-Arab.  The mere sight of this hotel in night will give you the splendid feeling of being in something great.  If possible try to look at the Palm Jumeirah and experience what a manmade island can look like.

If you have the riches and you like to spend them all in the most attractive holiday destination in the world, then Dubai is what you seek.

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