Cold Getaways within Baikal

If you love travelling and especially to places which are beautiful as well as serene then a visit to Lake Baikal would surely impress you. Lake Baikal extends for 400 miles across the south eastern region of Siberia. The precise location of the lake is the northern part of the Mongolian border.

Baikal on ice

Rocks frozen into the ice of siberian Baikal Lake in winter

Lake Baikal can be described as the most ancient lake under the freshwater category of stream bodies. Also its waters are known to run the deepest and can be fixated at a depth of 5000 feet or 1637 meters. The sediment layers beneath the water levels run for 4 miles and are extremely thickened. Lake Baikal is also known to be home to numerous varieties of life-forms due to its cold-climate and oxygen-rich nature which is another reason for its popularity.

The living beings in Lake Baikal also include a category of fish known as Golomyakna which is pink-colored and contains a partly-transparent body. These fish also constitute as the seal’s preferred food of choice.

Baikal lake

Baikal railway

According to research studies, Lake Baikal depicts the forming of a new ocean as the water-body can be found at the cleft where the Asian boundaries seem to split-up. One reason for this observation is the fact that the sea-boards of regions such as North-America, Africa and Europe displayed similar patterns when they began to split which was millions of years ago. Legendary stories also say that the origins of Lake Baikal can be found 20-25 million years ago. The Mesozoic era was then known to exist.

Lake Baikal offers a spectacular vision as the water-body is surrounded by snow-packed mountains which expand for several miles above. The Siberia taiga is the name given to the forest in the mountains where an abundance of wild-life can be noticed. The villages around the forest are also peaceful and self-reliant. You can also be assured to find the people friendly if you do decide to call upon them during your holiday to Lake Baikal.

The above details are sure to make you want to pack your bags and head towards the region. The tranquility of the district will lift your spirits and keep your mind refreshed. Therefore if you are looking for a break from the cumbersome work or noisy city streets and you are striving for some quietness then the suggestion of Lake Baikal for your vacation is an ideal thought. Get in touch with your travel agent to know which are the best travel modes and the available accommodation choices when planning the Lake Baikal retreat or check the here on Ideal Escapes.

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