Ideal Escapes in Antarctica

Imagine seeing emperor penguins, fish and different species of whales in a land clad in a blanket of snow. Does that sound familiar? Of course. We are talking about the most wonderful place that looks like a place straight out of your winter fantasies. There is so much to explore and see in Antarctica that even the most seasoned travelers would love the nuances that this place has to offer. This a place where you will find the driest and coldest climate on the planet. When you visit Antarctica, you come across a frozen land that is the home to some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world.


Baby seal close to his mom. Antarctica

The only human population seen here is of the scientists who are spending their time on research. Come to Antarctica if you think you are brave enough for staying in this cold climate that has some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Antarctica is for explorers, adventurers and lovers of everything new and undiscovered. It is a monotony written in white that occasionally breaks the rhythm and brings in something beautiful for the visitors. You must know that Antarctica is not a country and does not have any cities or governments. All the population here is of scientists only. Therefore, there is no official support for any kind of tourism activity here. Only private tours and travel companies can provide you sightseeing tours by air, sea voyages and even land expeditions. About 80 companies provide such a tour to the visitors.


Beautiful snow-capped mountains against the sunset sky in Antarctica

There is hardly any land life in terms of flora and fauna in this place. However, there are many varieties of fish and other underwater mammals here. The shoreline is often visited by many varieties of migratory birds. However, the most amazing land animal sight here is of penguins who travel all the way to the shore and provide visitors the most amazing views of their life. Whale sightings are also very common here. The best time to visit Antarctica is during summer which lasts from November to March. It is the only time when people can get access to the land. Moreover, there is 24 hour daylight during this time as opposed to 24 hours of darkness during winters. Visitors are limited only to the coastline as the climate of the interiors is very harsh. You will likely be visiting the South Shetland Islands or Anver Island as well as the McMurdo Sound. Happy travelling!

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