Ski holidays in Whistler

Whistler is an internationally popular ski village that has attracted many visitors. It is surrounded by two eye catching mountains, namely Whistler and Blackcomb. The peaks of these two mountains have made this village a home to a wide variety of winter sports including the best skiing environment. In the year 2010, this beautiful village co-hosted the Winter Olympic championship with Vancouver. The whole world comes here to ski. Below are some of the best skiing areas and other interesting activities you might consider doing in this village.


Lost lake in Whistler man looking at moon

Lost Lake

Lost Lake hosts a lot of activities around the year. From mountain biking to bird watching, snowshoeing and skiing during winter. Ski from the lake through the quiet forests, which are filled with wildlife from British Columbia. There is also a small beach at the lake where you can chill or take sunbathes during summer. Enjoy walking in the sand at the Alpha Lake.

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler night

Night shot of Alta Lake with stars and Whistler Lights.

The Whistler mountain lies at 2182 meters above sea level while the Blackcomb mountain leis at 2284 meters above sea level. The peaks for these mountains rise high above the village of Whistler and boast of the best skiing area in North America and the world at large. The Whistler Blackcomb boasts of a wide variety of resorts offering skiable terrains that total up to 3307 hectares. This area has over 200 runs that are accessible by approximately 37 lifts. There is so much to cover within a single day. Plan to spend 3 or more days. The Horstman Glacier resort is one of the favorite skiing destinations.

Apart from skiing, you can also visit this area during summer and practice hiking, mountaineering and mountain biking at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

Peak 2 Peak Gondola

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola offers a unique elevated ride in between these two mountains. Use only 11 minutes to cover a record 4.4 kilometers as you enjoy clear scenic views of the snowcapped mountains, the densely covered coniferous forests and the alpine lakes. Ensure you view the Fitzsimmons Creek. You may also go on a guided alpine walk through the fascinating forests. Loop hiking trails are based at the peak that gives rise to the alpine terrain, which is perfect for skiers. During your skiing experience, you can hop between the various runs on the Whistler and Blackcomb.

The Whistler Olympic park

This facility was set up to host the 2010 Winter Olympic Championships. Nowadays, the Whistler Olympic park offers access to a wide variety of cross skiing trails during winter. Here you will see and experience some of the magical ski jumps which are set for the Olympic rings. Nordic skiers, during winter, opt for the groomed trails as snowboarders head to the Alexander Falls.

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