Escape Cold in Barbados

Barbados can be the dream destination for avoiding the cold winters of your regions and enjoying the clear sky and sunny afternoons on a beach. Located in the water of the Caribbean Sea it is a beautiful country of spectacular beaches, exotic nightlife, lonely places and terrific hospitality. The place is also a home to a wildlife which will not only amaze you but will leave you with wonderful memories and perfect clicks. The capital holds a world heritage site which speaks out for its beauty.


Bathsheba; East coast of Barbados; Caribbean

If you want to have a great time while sunbathing or walking around the waves from Atlantic, you can hit the East Cost. The waves and rocks also built natural swimming pools which are heartily enjoyed by the visitors. The surfer’s choice has the famous soup bowl which is a popular destination for picnics. If you want to enjoy some delicious sea food then you can go for Martin’s bay in the south. If you are more of a swimmer then you should go for the bath beach.

Not only beaches but the place also has some historic buildings which can satisfy your hunger for beautifully made old buildings.  There are number of museums, castles, light houses and other such buildings of political and cultural importance. The place is also popular among those who are sheer lovers of rum as this drink and other drinks related to it are the uniqueness of this place. The Mount Gay Rum is really famous among all the brands here between the visitors as well as the locals. You can find rum outlets all over the place. The place is also famous for purity of its water as you can drink it straightaway from the tap.

The place also has some famous delicacies which will satisfy all your needs of hunger. There are some dishes which are unique to this place which include pepper pot, local sandwiches which are named cutters, fish  cakes, and really famous for Friday night’s fish fry. The place also offers you accommodations according to your budget from small time budget hotels to luxury resorts. These resorts are full of all the facilities you need to enjoy a laid back vacation with your loved ones.  You will find most of the resorts around the beach and you can also go for private apartments.

All in all this entire place is best suited to go away from cold vibes and feel the heat of the season.

Sunset in Barbados beach

Woman Walking Along Tropical Beach At Sunset in Barbados

The Caribbean Island has got all the aspects which can make it a refreshing holiday destination throughout the year, especially in the winters. It offers you all the heat and sun which you crave for in the chilling winters.  Being a British colony till the year 1966 it has a good taste in buildings and all the regal characteristics of that era.  It is so British that it is also known as the Caribbean Little England.

Being the last Caribbean island on the eastern end Barbados gives you the perfect feeling of living life at the edge with nothing to look but sea. The plush resorts and hotels will give you the best luxury feeling you can have among all the adjoining islands.  These resorts provide facilities for families as well as individual groups of travellers.  It is one of the most developed islands around and you will get all the modern facilities in the area without any difficulty.

The place is safe for families as most of the people are friendly and welcoming. You will find resorts dedicated to cater families in the area which will keep a good look at all your needs. These range from ultra luxury resorts to some in budget resorts at the south coast. You can enjoy snorkelling with your family as there are corals on the West coast. You can also visit the Harrison’s cave for more fun and exploring activities. Cars and jeeps are available for hiring and you can roam around the island with your group or visit the Wildlife Sanctuary of Barbados.

One speciality of Barbados is the dinner parties which include the traditional dance of Bajan’s with stage shows, music, limbo’s on fire, walking on stilts and lot more. It makes the whole environment cheerful and full of life. If you visit this place in the mid of July you will get to see the crop over festival organised in this place. It includes rewarding those who have produced the most amount of sugar cane in that year with a beautiful parade on the last day of the festival.

You just have to be little cautious on the price range as the prices tend to high for travellers. If you are fond of swimming you may think twice as the shores are still not very safe for the same.

The place is a must visit in a lifetime to enjoy the lively beaches of the Caribbean.

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