Ideal Escapes in Ang Thong

When you land in Koh Samui, you will come across a number of clusters on these islands. One among these amazing clusters is the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Touring this destination is one of the perfect ways to adventure. The sea canoe provides you the best option to explore this park and gives you a far and more rewarding experience.

Ang Thong

Ang Thong National Marine Park, Thailand

Board a level three boat and enjoy a ride to the Ang Thong national Marine Park. Commence your adventure by taking a kayaking trip and travel along the wide coastline of the popular Koh Mae Koh. On your adventure, you will enjoy a cruising experience over the hangings and beneath rocks. Now head to the Beach of Talay Nai. You may also choose to visit the Green lagoon. Ascend thee beautifully constructed stairs with wooden walkways and pass through the densely populated rainforest as well as the deep ravines. As you reach the top, you will enjoy magnificent views of the park. The Talay Nai Lake is popular for its salty waters. You may also cruise through the fascinating sceneries of the park towards the northern region. Even though most tourists do not make a stop by the Koh Wao, I have come to believe that this destination is conducive for an exciting snorkeling and kayaking experience. Kayak in the magic rock formation then venture into the caves and lagoons. As you explore underwater snorkeling sights, I suggest you keep your eyes wide open to see the various dolphin families and the sea turtles.

Ang Thong Park

View from mountain on Angthong Marine National Park, Thailand

This park covers almost 250 kilometers squared and includes a wide variety of rock masses, which are encircled with the clear seawaters.  Stop by the Koh Paluay for an amazing lunch hour session and enjoy some of the traditional local cuisines including seafood. In the afternoon, head to the beach for a unique sunbathing experience or swimming. You may also carry your book and relax on the comfortable coaches for a quality afternoon. Do not forget to walk through the beautiful white sands of this magnificent destination.

Now grab a cold drink of and aboard the famous Red Baron. This is a traditional sailing yatch in Thai. The Five Islands is also a perfect place to snorkel through the hideaways of the attractive archipelago. You also enjoy your breakfast on board as you continue to cruise through Taling Ngam, Lipa Noi and Choeng Mon beaches. From the Ang Thong national Marine Park, you will sail to the Gulf of Thailand and pass through the beautiful coral gardens. Do not forget to enjoy a lunch buffet at this destination with a number of mouthwatering local Thai dishes or you can opt for a relaxing massage.

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