Summer Escapes in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is a dream city of every person. The beautiful capital city in Slovenia is loaded with wonderful and enormous architecture, attractive archaeology and some green fresh outlook. It is one of the best European cities in the world. Explore and fall in love with the beauty of Ljubljana by visiting this city especially during summer holidays.


Park on Kongresni trg square in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Interesting places in Ljubljana:

  • Triple Bridge

The popular 20th century Joze Plecnik’s presence can be seen throughout this city, but nothing is more interesting than the famous Triple Bridge. The design of the bridge is one of a kind and some beautiful landmarks  of the city can be seen from the bridge, thus making it a perfect place for visitors.

  • Preseren Square

Get a feeling of Ljubljana’s street culture in the famous Preseren Square. Local people gather in the heart of the city to see the activities of street performers and enjoy each other’s company. Musical acts and wonderful art exhibitions offer entertainment to the tourists.

  • Ljubljana Castle

Dragon – symbol of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana

Head for the amazing Ljubljana castle when you are done with the above two places. The castle offers you some elegant views. The main attractions of the castle include 300 million year old fossils, a prison and St. George Chapel with 15th century frescoes.

  • Ljubljana Cathedral

The Ljubljana Cathedral is also named as St. Nicholas’s Cathedral. Although the cathedral has gone through many alterations over the years, it retained the precious Baroque decors including works by Paolo, Angelo Putti, Francesco Robba, Giulio Quaglio and Giusseppe Groppelli. Undisturbed and serene, the cathedral is a magnificent retreat in the heart of the city.

  • Tivoli City Park

Parks are the best places to visit for both, kids and adults, especially in summers. This pleasant Tivoli, City Park offers endless potential for recreation and fun, from picnics to biking to museums and zoos. A wonderful combo of nature and beauty, this is one of the best places to visit in Ljubljana.

  • Ljubljana Old Town

Filled with character and charm, the famous Old Town is the ideal and must visit place in Ljubljana. Enjoy the famous and delicious food of the Fresh Food Market and you can also visit Central Market that provides more of stalls overflowing with crafts and souvenirs.

  • National Museum and Natural History Museum of Ljubljana

Both the museums are situated in a single building and are quite amazing, a must visit spot for tourists. Although, it’s not too grand or big as other European museums, but this the oldest museum in Ljubljana with some amazing haul of archaeological treasures which also includes an ancient Egyptian mummy.

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