A wonderful holiday at the Galway Oyster Festival

Every last weekend of September is a celebration in Galway city. The city celebrates the famous Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival. This festival has been regarded as one of the most recognized international festivals in Ireland. It is also the longest running oyster festival in the world. The Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival was established in the year 1954 and has attracted over 500,000 thousand visitors. Approximately 3 million oysters have been consumed. In most cases, the ousters are washed down by stout and champagne as you enjoy listening to some of the greatest hits from top Irish musicians.


Old Galway city street,Kerwan’s Lane,decorated with christmass lights,night scene

This festival celebrates the Ostrea edulis, commonly referred to as the European flat Oyster. During this 3 day culinary festival, most puns and restaurants along the Oyster Trail sell thousands of oysters to visitors and residents. The oysters are naturally salty and induce thirst into the eater. This festival is not only about indulging in a lot of pints and slurping briny bivalves. The event is opened on the last Friday of September and kicks off the festivities of the weekend. Every year, a new Oyster Pearl is crowned. The festival queen presents the mayor of the city with the first oyster of the festival. Once the oyster has been eaten, the party begins.


Galway Cathedral and frozen trees vanishing in the winter fog at night time

The party includes the National Oyster Opening championship. Winners of this championship are selected to represent Ireland during the International Oyster Opening Championship that is usually held the following day. In order to claim the title of the Oyster Shucking Champion, you need regular training as well as occasional nick. You need to be fast and play safely.

Apart from the opening shindig and Oyster shucking, this festival weekend is usually filled with many culinary demonstrations, classes, talks and celebrity chef cook offs. Most importantly, you may be required to taste these delicacies. At the Galway Bay, there is the Gulf Stream that helps to moderate temperatures resulting to warmer waters that make the Galway Coast rich in oysters. Also, look out for the Japanese Sushi and the Spanish paellas.

The Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival does not just involve eating oysters and other seafoods. It also involves special fringe events in the city, which gives you a richer and amusing sense of the city. You may choose to tour the various smokehouses in Burren and Connemara and learn more about the ancient city. If you love history, you can visit the Galway Museum and interact with Celtic tribes. The Galway Coast also includes a wide range of amusement beaches where you can relax, play water sports or take part in cleaning the shore.

The Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival, is definitely a world-class event and a perfect timing for visiting Galway and the ideal escape.

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