Escape in Russia

Sankt Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Orthodox Church “Spas na Krovi”

1 `Ermitaj Museum is in total an art centre, from its buildings, included in UNESCO World Heritage, to its spectacular art collections. A Fabergé jewels collection, a large number of historical collection, tapestries and porcelains increase the interest of visitors.

2 The lovers of art will be delight spending some time in Fabergé Museum. This private museum gathers a wonderful collection of pieces made of gold, silver and bronze, paintings and porcelains and nine Fabergé Eggs.

3 Admire some fine chine objects visiting the Museum of Lomonosov Porcelain Factory. They have also their own shop there and some others in the city, where you can buy wonderful porcelain fine pieces.

Sankt Petersburg winter

Winter in Sankt Petersburg. Saint Isaac’s Cathedral.

4 Rare flowers and plants, statues, fountains, walking in fresh air, in a few words, visit the Summer Garden.

5 During your walk in Summer Garden, visit the Summer Palace, the first palace built in Sankt Petersburg.

6 Traversed by more than 21 bridges, on its 6 kilometres, Griboyedov Canal is a touristic area that offers a large panorama of Sankt Petersburg architecture.

7 Alexander Garden – a central place for relaxation, this park has a tumultuous history starting from 1873. Restored in 1920, it was damaged by air – raids during the Second World War but surprisingly no one tree was cut by the people suffering from cold.

8 You can’t leave Sankt Petersburg without buying something to remember your travel. There are many places where you can buy souvenirs. One of the best next to Hermitage is Heritage (Naslediye). A large offer of matryoshka dolls, paintings, Fabergé Eggs copies or objects made by amber expect the buyers.

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