Ideal escapes in Anchorage, Alaska

Treating yourself and your partner to a romantic getaway is a great way to bring back the life in your romance. Anchorage is the ultimate romantic destination that entirely redefines the term giving it a whole new meaning. The city offers splendor and brilliance both in summer and in winter making it an ideal location for spending a romantic escapade. The awe-striking landscapes and intriguing activities are exactly what you need to have a holiday of your life.

Streets in Alaska

Driving in Alaska

While on your romantic trip, spending time alone just the two of you is a perfect way to get closer to each other and rekindle the romance. If you know how to ride a bike, then be ready for an exciting treat. There are bikes available for rent and you can try out a ride through Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and get to Kincaid Park. The ride is not only good for your health but the route also boasts of stunning views. This is an absolutely incredible way of spending your time in Anchorage.

Anchorage Mountains

Mountain Area – Anchorage, Alaska

Nothing beats the feeling of a good relaxation during your romantic hideaway. After a morning of activity, there is no better way of spending your afternoon than by relaxing in the company of each other and enjoying the rest of the day. How about a massage for a couple lit by candlelight? There is a local day spa that offers top notch massage for two in Anchorage. There are a whole lot of therapeutic treatments offered by these spas. Looking for hot stone massage? You got it right here. Facials, manicures, pedicures and holistic body treatments are just some of the awesome treatments that you can enjoy in the local spas coupled with a tranquil and serene environment. You will certainly find your romantic holiday in Anchorage as interesting as you had possibly ever imagined.

After an afternoon of relaxation in the spa, you may need to take your partner for a nice and delicious dinner. Anchorage offers a lot more than you may expect. There is just about everything you may need ranging from wild game to ethnic dishes to delectable seafood. The city is a metropolitan region with about 100 languages being spoken. It therefore does not come as a surprise to find diverse exquisite cuisines. There is an abundant supply of monster vegetables, fresh herbs and awesome seafood available in both markets and restaurants.

The city has got a lot to offer especially to the nature lovers. It is home to a wide range of wildlife populations both within the urban region and the neighboring areas. There are more than 200 black bears and grizzly bears as well. Once in a while, you may catch a bear in the city. There are also quite a large number of moose in the region.

The list of interesting things to do in Anchorage for a romantic holiday is just endless. There is the port and several other destinations that you will find exciting and worth visiting. You only need to brace up for the good time you shall experience during your romantic holiday in Anchorage.

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