Amazing Beach Holidays in Cook Islands, Aitutaki

The Cook Islands have been popularly toured because of their fresh air and the beautiful weather. Majority of tourists visiting this amazing island look forward for a lovely and relaxing beach holiday. If you are planning to go for a beach holiday in this amusement island, below are some of the destinations and activities you might consider visiting.


An old tree trunk on the beach of Muri Lagoon in Rarotonga Cook Islands

Rarotonga Beaches

With a coastline of approximately 50 kilometers, Rarotonga offers you a chance to explore a wide variety of beaches. The Muri Beach is the most toured destination. This sandy beach has a lagoon which is protected by 4 islands that are uninhabited. This makes it the best picturesque beach on the Island. With a sandy bottom, the Muri Lagoon is a perfect place for swimming and kids’ water sports. Windsurfing and kite surfing are also common activities that take place on the Muri Beach.

The West Rarotonga is a white sand beach with attractive coral particles. It has a spiritual Maori icon commonly referred to as the Black Rock. The tortoise lagoon is a perfect place for swimming and snorkeling. During low tides, you may opt for reef walking. It has a westerly aspect and beautiful sunsets, which are the best charms for those who love beaches.

The Aro’a beach is located on the southwest of the island. It has a broader lagoon with softer and finer sands, which are perfect for kayaking and swimming.

The Tikioki Beach is a perfect place for those who wish to spend some quality time alone as they view some of the tropical fish. With clear and calm waters in the lagoon, it is easier to spot fish and coral formations.

Te Vaka Cruise

The Te Vaka Lagoon cruise is a common activity in Aitutaki. There are amazing musical crews at the Te Vaka Cruise who are always willing to share the history and culture of this fascinating destination. You will sail to 3 islands on traditionally designed catamaran Titi ai Tonga which is approximately 21.6 meters. You will stop at the island Akaini where Tasman Empire Airways Limited landed their first flying boats as they travelled through the Coral Route. You will also stop by the Moturakau and the Treasure Island. There is also the One Foot Island on the lower edge of Aitutaki Lagoon, which you might be interested to visit. Your cruise is not yet over before you grab a traditional buffet.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking on the Lagoon

This activity has become a popular leisure sport in the past years. The lagoons are calm since there are no big waves. This offers you a conducive environment for paddle boarding. As you drift through clear waters, you will see a wide variety of fish and coral. Ensure your board does not drift too far as you enjoy a sunbathe. Not only does it offer you a lifetime experience, but also a better way of physical exercise without having to strain.

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