Loving Kaua’i Beaches

Kaua’i is most famous for its amusement beaches. These beaches have attracted millions of tourists because of their warm and beautiful turquoise waters, white sand, tropical backdrops among other interesting features you may never want to miss. I am not surprised that Kaua’i has been voted among the top destinations with the world’s greatest beaches. If you love snorkeling and swimming, Kaua’i beaches are the best to visit. Below is a list of some of the bitches that might wish to visit.


Lovely hidden spot in Kaua’i

Anini Beach

This is one of the leading beaches in terms of safety. Even though it does not have a lifeguard, the beach has recorded a good history with its safety. This beach is most toured because of its long and wide fringing reef. It is probably the widest in Hawaian Islands. It boasts of its unique environmental conditions that support a number of water activities including surfing and snorkeling. It is also a perfect for paddle boarding enthusiasts. This beach also boasts of strong currents in its channels and the protective reef. It is famous for its camping activities. You can also visit this beach for a relaxing afternoon.

Baby Beach Poipu


Close up view of the waterfalls streaming down the side of the wettest spot on earth

This beach is found in Poipu. Even though it is small, it rich in water activities. Because it is a protected beach, it is a perfect place to visit with you family and friends. Its crystal clear waters are calm, shallow and beautiful to walk. It has a rocky reef which absorbs energy from breaking surfs making it safe for even toddlers. Tide pooling and snorkeling are some of the activities that take place here. You may also take a trip to Poipu Beach Park which is usually less crowded with calm waters for babies.

Brennecke’s Beach

This beach is adjacent to the popular Poipu Beach Park. It includes a number of water activities especially boogie boarding, body surfing and picnicking. It has a tiny strip of sand that offers clear views of the beach waves at the shore. At this beach, you also interact with the locals and learn about the culture of this beautiful city. However, you are advised to take great caution especially while play at the shore break. If you enjoy viewing waves, you might think of spending your summer at this beach. You will also enjoy boogie boarding as well as body surfing.

Fuji Beach

This is most popular for its perfect conditions that allow kids to swim safely as they explore the tide pools. The beach is located a few miles from Kauai Coastal Path. It is best visited when there are light trade winds. Some the water activities at this beach include diving and kite surfing. You can also relax at the various picnic tables for a quality lunch hour session.

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