Spring Holidays In The Perhentian Islands

If you are fed up of overcrowded beaches and want to spend some tranquil time with nature and your loved ones then Perhentian Islands are the place to be. It is a small gathering of islands located near Malaysia lying in Terengannu state. The meaning of the name is a stopping point which served this purpose for travellers between Bangkok and Malaysia.

Perhentian Islands

Girl at the resort in a dress on the background of the bays of the island of Phi Phi Don

The two mainly travelled Islands in this group are Pulau Perhentian Kecil and Pulau Perhentian Besar. If you are good on budget you can go for the Besar Island which is really good in facilities and family purposes. On the other hand the Kecil Island is good for those who are a little restricted on their expenses.  There are some other Islands which do not face more travellers and can be perfect for adventure activities.

You can commute to this place between June and October as for other seasons place is under the monsoon impact which makes travel and the weather very rough and unpleasant. It’s always better to go in the season as the shops and other facilities might be closed and overcharged in the off season.

The place is fun to do scuba diving and some fantastic dive-ins. The place is home to many fish varieties and corals which are considered a diver’s paradise. The place also has sharks but they are mostly harmless unless you start irritating them. Visitors are also provided gear for snorkelling as Teluk Pauh, Tanjung and Shark point are considered the points to do so. The place is also home to hundreds of turtles which arrive here for nestling.

The place is also famous for trekking activities and related adventures. But, you can’t be faint hearted to complete the trek as the place is home to big monitor Lizards, spiders and also some wild monkeys which might make or break your day. You can also enjoy kayaking on both the main Islands where kayaks are rented in on seasons. It will take three hours of paddling to cover the distance in Kecil and you can discover number of resting place in between the trail which leads you more close to the nature.

The place is best suited for those who have enjoyed the standard beaches and custom sunshine and want to explore the real wild nature of the isolated islands. Families can enjoy the place as much as single travellers can.

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