Havana for Beach Passionate

Havana is the best place to spend your holiday. It has beautiful beaches, stunning parks and a wonderful landscape for hiking. Guanobo local beach is found near Havana and it’s the best place for tourists. It has beautiful waters and it’s strategically located just close to the city. You can also enjoy some refreshments and drinks from the nearby restaurants and bars. Nightclubs are also available for those who love fun. The beach also has white sand with showers and changing rooms for those who would wish to swim.


Colorful sunset in Havana with a view of the bay and the light in the lighthouse of El Morro

Tarara is known to be the perfect place for tourists who love diving and fishing. It’s usually mostly visited in summer. It’s also safe for swimming and equipped with life guards. The white golden sand has been the most attracting to the visitors of Tarara beach. Come enjoy the beautiful waves crashing on the sea wall. The beach meets up with river         Tarara’s mouth. It has a coral seabed full of beautiful fish. You can enjoy sailing and scuba diving services. You can also do fishing for those who love and enjoy the idea. The place has an amazing history you would ever want to learn. Come enjoy yourself at Tarara beach.

Havana Street

Cathedral of Saint Christopher in La Havana. Cuba

Playa Santa Maria is the best beach for most people who visit Havana.  It has a very wide white sand beach. The gentle waves are amazing. It also has spectacular blue waters attracting to the eyes of every tourist. The beach is also long with sand bars where you can stand and enjoy the view of the amazing beach. The water is very clean and safe for swimming. You can also get beers, refreshments and all sorts of things mostly from the vendors around. Accommodation is available for every customer who may require these services. Center for diving are also available.

Playa Megano is also a popular public beach in Havana. You can enjoy fish and lobsters served to you on the beach. Live music is also available as you enjoy your breeze. Bars and water sports are found here. There are also safe places for swimming with showers and changing rooms readily available. Life guards are also on standby to ensure the safety of the swimmers. The white sand has been the most attraction at Playa Megano. Come have a wonderful time with no regrets.

Cuba is also known for its white sandy beaches. If you are not a beach enthusiast, you can visit Cuba cycle. Here you will enjoy cycling as you enjoy Cuban music all through the streets. You will have the privileged to cycle through beautiful mountains and plantations. Come enjoy the cycling adventure and other beach games like beach volleyball. You can also visit a tobacco plantation at Cuba trying to enjoy Cuban culture.

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