Get Romantic In Jukkasjärvi

What could be better than cuddling up with your sweetheart in a beautiful place like Sweden? Watching the Northern Lights could be an answer. However, the fact that both these things can be enjoyed together at Jukkasjarvi in Sweden makes it a sought after holiday destination for couples. You can sculpt masterpieces in ice, go snowmobiling together and enjoy gazing at the stars at night. It is one of the most romantic destinations on earth. You can come here with your sweetheart and get wedded in a beautiful chapel.

Northern Lights in Sweden

The wonderful Northern Lights of Sweden.

Ice sculpting is one the most popular activities here. You can also enjoy skiing in the snow clad regions of Sweden. Cross-country skiing is a very popular sport in Sweden. Whether you want to learn skiing or enjoy a new kind of cardio-workout in the Swedish woodland. In the afternoon, you can relish the snowmobile tours which would help you in discovering the Swedish land again. In the evening, you can go out and have a sumptuous meal at the most fabulous restaurants in town. Enjoy some exotic three-course Swedish meals in these restaurants with a glass of fine quality wine.

The itinerary of your next day can include a dog-sledging tour passing through the mysterious white land of Jukkasjarvi. Come back in the evening to enjoy the Northern Lights at Kiruna’s Latitude. Also known as Aurora Oval, these majestic sky lights are enough to make any winter experience worth it’s while. If you are not too fond of winter and snow-clad peaks, then opt for this location during summer and fall. You can go for trout fishing in this region. Anglers love to catch grayling in Jukkasjarvi. The Kalix River is considered the best spot for standing paddling. However, the Torne River is also a great location for paddlers. White water rafting is also a popular sport amongst people who enjoy adventurous activities. You can also go on a historical tour of the city on a River Boat. However, what makes Jukkasjarvi more interesting and romantic is the hot sauna bath that you can enjoy with your sweetheart. The locals are very fond of sauna and you would be experiencing the same. Jukkasjarvi is the perfect honeymoon spot for couples who like adventure and outdoor activities. However, even if you are planning on spending a quiet weekend away from the city, then too there would be nothing as good as sipping your favorite drink while watching the sky turn green with bright lights in the night.

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