How About Milford Track?

The Milford Hiking adventure has most commonly been termed as the world’s leading and finest walk. Every year, over 1400 people take part in the Milford track. With over 53.5 kilometers to complete, the Milford track has become one of the most popular walks in New Zealand.

Milford Track

A hiker pauses for a rest at a clearing while ascending into the mountains

One of the interesting facts about this track is that is walked only in one direction. It begins at the Glade Wharf and ends at the Milford Sound.  Only 40 or less independent walkers are permitted to begin the track every day. When the track is overcrowded, there is increased damage to the environment and less fun hence the need to regulate the number of walkers.

As you take part in this amazing trek, you will enjoy a scenic view of the huge valleys. These beautiful valleys occurred as a result of glaciation that occurred over 2 million years ago. As the glaciers craved through the landscape, they left behind ice-gouged ledges, U-shaped Valleys as well as hanging valleys. You will also come across tributary streams with beautiful waters.

The forest of the lower Clinton is dominated by fascinating beech trees that capture your attention. As you pass through Mintaro, you will need to climb above this forest and pass through the sub alpine scrub, the tussocks and the community of the alpine herbs. At the lower side of the Arthur Valley, there are mild temperatures and high rainfalls resulting to a more diverse forest.

Milford Track Journey

Ideal escapes in Milford Track

You will also come across a wide variety of lichens, mosses and ferns. Not only does this track offer you a world class and unique hiking experience, but also showcases the diverse nature of this beautiful country. Enjoy a great view of stunning sceneries and majestic vistas at the mountain.

Through the alpine meadows and the ancient forest, you will come across a wide variety of wild animals. This immerses you in a pure wilderness environment that is more vibrant. Whilst the climate of New Zealand is so diverse, you may choose to enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mountain Rivers. You may also need to polish your walk by swimming in the ocean. There are wide ranges of unblemished white sand beaches. Carry your rain gear as you prepared to walk through the waterfalls that are enveloped by mist during a rainy season.

You can take photos at all these scenic landscapes. Depending on the time of the year, you can choose one from a wide range Milford Track options. Choose a time frame that works perfectly for you and a level of activity that suits you perfectly. No matter the time of the year, the Milford Track will always remain stunning and an ideal escape.

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