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Tucked in between the French Alps’ peaks, in the Isere Valley, Grenoble is a beautiful city that will blow a breath of fresh air to your vacation. Whether for a romantic getaway, a family vacation or just a hideaway trip, the experience of a city break in Grenoble is more than you could ever bargain for. The city boasts of spectacular floral life that extends throughout the town making the outdoor experience a unique and exhilarating experience.

Alps near Grenoble, France

Alps near Grenoble, France

With a history dating way back to more than two millennia ago, this French city is a cultural and historic center. While enjoying your city break in the city, you can begin by venturing into the Vieille Ville which is a popular historic center in the region. You can ride down the cobblestone streets while enjoying the scenic view of the squares. The several museums located in the city offer a wide range of treats to the visitors. You will enjoy the fine art collections and several other fine items that the city offers.


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Occasionally referred to as the Old Town Vielle Ville is an area that offers a delightful treat to all the visitors. The traditional houses that line the streets are artistically made and are visually attractive. There are also narrow cobblestone lanes that provide a great spot for an evening walk. Musee de l’Ancien Eveche is a gem in this town. Occupying the ancient Episcopal palace, the museum holds the rich history of the town dating from the ancient times to the 20th century through the middle ages. There is also the 11th to 15th century cathedral, the Catherdrale Notre-Dame.

Grenoble is also famed or the fact that it is home to Musee de Grenoble, one of France’s most prestigious museums. The museum hosts beautiful art pieces which are presented in a brilliant setting. The stylish building boasts of an 18000 square meter space for exhibition which is nestled in a sculpture-filled dazzling park. It has an expansive collection from literally every age. There are various kinds of antiques and a vast collection of medieval art as well as 15th to 20th century European paintings. Italian masterpieces of the 18th century are also represented here pretty well.

Your city break in Grenoble is not over until you have explored the Fort de la Bastille. The fort offers a panoramic and unobstructed view of the city. The most interesting way to travel to the fort is by hoping into the cars shaped like a bubble for a fascinating ride to your destination. On the way up to the fort, you will enjoy scenic views and captivating attractions. What was initially a prison now houses a number of museums and offers a picturesque view of the alpine landscape.

The contemporary and comfortable hotels in Grenoble have pushed its accommodation to a new level. With great facilities such as swimming pools, spas and bars, these hotels are all you need for a unique city break experience in Grenoble. The friendly staff and delicious meals will make the experience even much better.

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