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Situated in the Indian Ocean towards the Eastern Kenyan region, lies the Mombasa city. Containing the largest port this side of the globe, the town is an important trading center. The different transport modes such as buses, ferries, trains, and planes keep the district well-connected to other parts of the world.


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Tourist attractions while visiting Mombasa include Fort Jesus, which is recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site where you can hire tourist guides to become familiar with the history of the location. The architectural wonder of the Mandhry Mosque, which is an amalgamation of Arabic design and Swahili style is also worth visiting. Indian curry powder can be purchased from the Spice Market. Other temples, cathedrals and mosques also make the place a prominent religious center.

Mombasa beach

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Safaris at the Shimba Hills are some of the activities that can be enjoyed during the Mombasa sojourn. Spotting of rare birds is common in this reserve. Viewing of the antelope species is also possible at the park. Lions, elephants, leopards, giraffes and other wildlife animals also roam around the park within restricted limits and you can set your eyes upon them also.

The Mamba Village contains numerous crocodiles within its boundaries. Waterbucks, large-sized tortoises and Hippopotamus are some other animal sightings and you can take a trip of this tourist attraction to savor the spectacles. Devouring crocodile meat at the restaurant housed within the farm can also be done if you wish to try varied cuisines and dishes.

Haller Park Sanctuary is another wildlife reserve where you can witness porcupines, peacocks, snakes, fish species and zebras whilst they roam in the premises. Dropping in at the Akamba Handicraft stores can also be listed amongst one of the must-do things when at Mombasa to pick wooden artifacts to take back home to your friends or family members, and they also serve as souvenirs to remind you of the time spent in the vibrant city.

Nightclubs, discos and coffee places are some entertainment centers which are open until late hours and they can be visited by those looking to be part of the Mombasa nightlife. Short ship or Dhow cruises are also available by the Tamarind chain of restaurants, whereby you are taken around the city harbor whilst meals and drinks are served as refreshments aboard.

Exercising caution during the late night hours is recommended due to the rising crime levels in the city. During the day there is not so much danger with the exception of few places.

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