Spending time to watch beautiful wild birds is great pleasure for nature lovers. As birds are widely spread all around the world, watching them is very popular as a travel activity.

Bird on old stamp

PAPUA NEW GUINEA – CIRCA 1993: A stamp printed in Papua shows bird of paradise, cicinnurus regius, circa 1993

The forests of Papua New Guinea host over 700 species of birds including over 35 species of Paradise Bird that can be admired in dedicated travels all the year.

The National Parks of Australia are an ideal vacation destination for birds watching fans from April to November. Kakadu is the most popular as it is home for one third of bird Australian species.

If you choose an autumn break and want to dedicate it to bird watching, then Italy is your vacation place. Its location on the main route of birds migration on their annual travel from Europe to Africa, make Italy a paradise for wild birds lovers.

Danube Delta situated in Romania with its wild landscape will delight you with its opportunities to see over 320 species of wild birds in their natural habitat and a lot of other living beings from wild cats to wolves, foxes or dragonflies.


White Pelican on a Log in Danube Delta

If you go in Sweden, in winter, you have the opportunity to see and photograph the golden eagle.

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