The fans of safari know that for such kind of experience a giraffe sighting is “a must”.

The giraffes live in savannahs, grasslands and open wooden lands scattered on the African continent. Usually they can be seen from Chad to South Africa looking from North to South and from Niger to Somalia on the West – East direction.

There are some places where tourists can admire them in the wild in organized safaries.

Baby giraffe is Etosha National Park

Small young grazing cute giraffe in Etosha national Park, Ombika, Kunene, Namibia, true wildlife photography

Etosha National Park in Namibia is one of the best places to watch giraffes. They can be seen in the areas of water sources together with other wild animals: impala, zebras or lions, during the winter dry months. This is the best time of the year to see them also because the grass is low.

In the park there are four places with camping accommodation for tourists: Dolomite Camp, Namutoni, Halali and Okakuejo and an exclusive property – Oncoshi.

Okakuejo sunset

Sunset at the Okaukeujo waterhole, Namibia

The private reserve at the border of Kruger National Park is another proper place for giraffe spotting. The assistance of the reserve guides will help you to find the best places to see them and to find out more about their behavior.

Known as “Giraffes Park”, due to their large presence, Selous Reserve of Tanzania is one of the ideal places in the world for experienced safari travelers. Thousands of giraffes can be seen in the Northern side of Rufiji River and the authorized guides have the permission to drive off -road for wonderful views and photographs.

Okavango Delta

Aerial view of Delta Okavango

All the yearlong the wetland of Okavango Delta hosts a large number of giraffes Helicopter safaris give visitors the opportunity to see the herds from closely on the delta floodplains.

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