One of the “one life” experiences that many animal lovers dream on is to see whales in natural environment. Whales can be admired almost all the yearlong depending where we are.

From January to March, the Caribbean hosts the amusing humpbacks in their breeding period. For the same reason, the grey whales gather from February to April in the area of California Pacific Coast.

November to May is the best time to see Blue Whales in Sri Lanka waters.

Whale underwater

Whale under water swimming, with bubbles trail and water surface with caustics.

Northern areas of Canada are the feeding grounds for many types of whales in the summer period.

One of the places where you can see them and enjoy of wonderful moments of their wildlife is the Bay of Fundy.

The wonderful orcas gather to catch salmons every year starting with June up to August in the waters of British Columbia.

Whale jumps

Jump humpback whale. Madagascar. The water area of the island of St. Mary.

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