A travel dedicated to dolphin watching will bring you a lot of fun due to their playful and social behavior.

There are 40 known species of dolphins widely distributed.


Oceanview. A flock of playful dolphins swimming underwater over coral reef background hunting to fish

Most of dolphin species prefer tropic areas with warmer waters but some of them like the colder ones.

Due to these, there are many destinations to choose from, to enjoy the presence of these charismatic mammals.
For example, in Azores you can admire the bottlenose dolphins while in Sri Lanka the spinner dolphins will be with you.

Canada, Mexico – Sea of Cortez, Shetland Islands, Australia, and Maldives are also great vacation destination to see dolphins. Any of them you choose, you will enjoy other marine encounters, too. Depending on the destination you have to choose the right period for your travel. For example for Canadian areas it is recommended May to October as long as for Sri Lanka the proper time is November to May.

Shetland Islands

Scottish coastline landscape in Shetland islands. Scotland. UK. Horizontal

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