Closely related with horses and donkeys, zebras are social animals living in herds.

Their stripped look makes them very funny but it is less known that their stripes are different for each individual.
Zebras live in a large range of habitats from grasslands to mountains, migrating from a place to another looking for food.

The large African areas host the zebras herds.


Zebras drinking at the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Africa

One of the best places to see zebras in their natural habitat is Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Traveling here you have the opportunity to see many other species during their migration. Zebras spend the rainy season (December – June) in the plain below the Ngorongoro Crater and then migrate to the West toward Lake Victoria and further to Masai Mara. When the rains come back, in December, zebras return to Serengeti.

Okavango delta

Aerial view of okavango delta

The endangered Grevy’s Zebra can be seen in the beautiful area of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya.
The large wetland of Okavango Delta in Botswana is famous for its sunrises and sunsets when you can admire and photograph herd of zebras. The luxury safaris organized in this area are famous in the world among the animal watching fans.

Etosha National Park, Namibia is another place where travelers can enjoy the view of many wild species from rhinos to cats and also zebras’ herds.

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