Discover Arad County, Romania – Aradului Fortress, Lunca Mureșului Natural Park, Macea arboretum, Zarandului Mountains, Tauț Lake …

Arad is located in western Romania on the border with Hungary, having the county seat the city with the same name.

Cetatea Șoimoș

Șoimoș Fortress

The particularity of the county relief is the suddenly changing from mountain to lowlands.
Arad city is located on the river Mureș and its tourist attractions are diverse, including palaces, churches and parks.

Here are some of them:

-Arad Fortress was built by Maria Teresa between 1762 and 1783, shaped as a six pointed star. It has 3 rows of underground pillboxes and several rows of ditches.

-Arad Complex Museum contains departments of history, natural sciences and art.

– Administrative Palace was constructed between 1872 and 1875 and nowadays it houses the town hall.

-Mureș River Meadow Natural Park is a place with relaxing landscape where enthusiasts can practice cycling, trips on Mureș in light boats or simply excursions in nature.

The willing ones can participate at organized themed trips in the park and visit the monasteries Hodoș – Bodrog and Bezdin.
In the county area we can visit Şoimoş Fortress dating from the end of XIIIth century.

Moneasa resort situated 110 km far from Arad is a popular base for treatment and relaxation. In the summer, tourists can admire here a very beautiful water lily pond. In the vicinity, from the Cave Lilileci, springs the brook that passes near the resort.
Macea Dendrologic Park is a place to relax but also to admire the 250-year old trees.

Zarand Mountains – are fully in Arad county area. They have well marked trails, most of them accessible throughout the year, having as starting points the villages from the massif perimeter:

– Paulis for Goat Peak (Varful Capra),
– Siria for Căsoaia tourist area,
– Cladova for the main ridge,
– Radna for the Peak Gypsy Cross (Crucea Tiganului)
– Minova for the Peak Ivanita, etc.

Around Lake Tauț has developed a real holiday village. Starting from here you can visit the Medieval Fortress Tauţ dating from XIIIth – XVth centuries.

Săvârşin Castle was built between 1650 and 1680. It was returned to the royal family of Romania in 2001, being restored between 2007 and 2015. The Park around the castle has 6.5 ha and contains several rare species of trees and shrubs. After restitution, the park is not accessible to tourists, and can only be admired from the distance, but on certain occasions gates are opened and the castle can be nearby admired.

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