Discover Buzău County, Romania – Cașoca falls, Siriu dam, Babele de la Ulmet, Vulcanii Noroioși (muddy volcanoes), Vasile Voiculescu Memorial House …

Buzău County is located in south – eastern Romania. Its relief is harmonious with mountains, hills and plains.

Vulcanii Noroioși

Vulcanii Noroioși

The county residence is in the city of Buzău, but there are also other towns in the county with cultural sights of interest like:

1. Amber Museum of Colți, the only exhibition of its kind in Romania.
2. The outdoor sculptures exhibition of summer camp from Magura.
3. Communal Palace of Buzău which houses the city hall.
4. The Episcopal Cathedral built in 1649.
5. Family Home of Vasile Voiculescu in the village Parscov.
6. Cave settlements of Buzău Mountains.

The most spectacular sights of the county, however, are related to its natural endowment and to some natural phenomena specific to the area:

– Karst, Salin Meledic Plateau is a geomorphological, botanical and speological reserve with an area of over 130 ha. This place has the longest salt – cave in the world, called 6S totaling 1,22 kilometers. The Plateau is also a home to 2 more caves and 2 lakes.

– Babele de la Ulmet (Old women from Ulmet) – are a group of trovants that remained suspended in unusual positions.

– Lacul fără Fund (Bottomless Lake) – called also Eagle Lake is located at an altitude of 1420 m in Siriului Mountains.

– Vulcanii Noroioşi (The Mud Volcanoes) – are formations resembling to small volcanoes whose eruptions produce permanent changes of landscape.”Pâclele mici (TheSmall mists )”, as their name suggests, have heights between 2 and 8 m and cover 10 hectares.

Pâclele mari (The Large mists)” on its over 20ha has three volcanoes of over 100 m in diameter. The area is a natural reserve due to two endemic plant species living here.

– Focurile vii (The live fires) are phenomena produced by gases (similar as mud volcanoes), from deep within earth . In this case the gases light up due to the friction with the ground. This takes place in the village Lopătari.

– Cascada Cașoca (Cașoca Falls), located on the river Cașoca in Mountain Podu Calului has a height of 17 meters.
Another tourist attraction sight is the Siriu dam and the lake formed here. Fishing enthusiasts, highly appreciate this place.
In the summer months you can spend some time in Sărata Monteoru Resort and benefit from potential curative of waters in the area. For diversification of holiday program you can visit the wine cellars nearby.

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