Discover Prahova County, Romania – Sinaia, Peleș Castle, Bucegi Mountains, Ploiești city, Grohotiș Mountains …

Located in Muntenia region, Prahova County is one of the most populated places in the country. Its County seat is the city of Ploiești.
The landscape varies from mountains (Bucegi, Ciucas , Baiului, Grohotiş), the Sub-Carpathian hills and up to the plain area, part of the Romanian Plain.

Castelul Peleș

Peleș Castle

Tourism is one of the basic factors in the Prahova County’s economy and its territory has well-known resorts including: Sinaia, Bușteni, Azuga.

The resort Sinaia
The history of this town is linked to that of the Peleș Castle. It developed in XIXth century with the construction of the castle. The resort is a tourist attraction throughout the year. Since it is placed on the foothills of Bucegi, it is a very favorable departure of hiking during the summer and in winter for winter sports. The park of Sinaia has a central location and a collection of buildings built in Brâncoveanu style including Hotel Caraiman, dating from 1880 and the Casino dating from 1912.

Sinaia Monastery located on the hill that guards the park, dates back to the years 1690 – 1695 and includes a small museum of religious art.

Peleș Castle – built between 1873 – 1883 as residence of King Carol I, this is a spectacular German Renaissance-style building with 160 rooms. The inside comprises several rooms open to visitors where you can admire valuable pieces of furniture, weapons, and objects of art or purely decorative and high-tech equipment for the years concerned. Royal library has a wonderful collection of rare books.

Peleș Museum complex also contains Pelişor Palace, built between 1899 – 1903 in the German Renaissance style, decorated inside in Art Nouveau style. Here can be admired splendid glass exhibits Lalique and Tiffany and Viennese furniture.

The Watchtower (Foișorul), another building of Peleș was built in 1878 and is not open to the public.

Buşteni – resort is ideal departure for hiking in Bucegi . The more experienced can head to the ridge of Bucegi through more difficult routes, the less prepared can choose a lighter version as the one that leads to the waterfall Urlătoarea.

Culture lovers can visit in Buşteni the Cezar Petrescu Memorial Museum. The writer is well known especially for his children book Fram the Polar Bear.

Buşteni resort is the starting point for the longest cable car trail in the country and has several ski runs for both beginners and advanced.

Bucegi Mountains guard Prahova Valley with their spectacular slopes. The mountains are accessible by means of cable cars in Sinaia and Buşteni or by walking for the experienced travelers. A travel in Bucegi offers a unique landscape and many attractions. Crucea Eroilor Neamului (The Heroes Cross) on Mount Caraiman with a unique, breathtaking, view of Prahova valley, is one of them. Bucegi National Park area houses several species of protected plants and shrubs.

Wine tasting – Vineyard Dealu Mare partially located in Prahova County, is well known for its outstanding quality wines and wine-growing tradition. On your way through county Prahova, you can stop at one of the many wineries in the area to relax and taste some of the best wines made in Romania.

If the your way to resorts in the Prahova Valley goes through Ploiești, you can stop to visit the Clock Museum, which is unique in Romania, with the exhibits made by famous watchmakers in Europe, many of them having a special artistic value.

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