Discover Gorj County, Romania – Sohodolului Gorges, Polovragi Cave, Transalpina, Sfinții Arhangheli Ceauru church, Godeanu, Parâng or Vâlcan Mountains …

Located in southwestern Romania, on Jiu River, Gorj County has a favorable settlement for tourism development. The landscape is varied, altitude ranging from 2518 m in Parâng Mountains to 100 m in Jiu Meadow .

Masa tăcerii - The Table of Silence

The Table of Silence

The special landscape, natural and picturesque, the monuments of art and architecture, ethnographic and folklore heritage of the localities, make these places very attractive to tourists.

The city of Târgu Jiu, the county seat, has several sights of cultural interest but undoubtedly the most famous is the Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brâncuşi. Three of the most famous works of the artist are exhibited in Central Park, Gate of the Kiss, Table of Silence, Chairs Alley and Endless Column Park situated on a common axis with the others.

The assembly is known as “the Monumental Assembly, the Heroes Way “. The assembly is a historic monument, like the Memorial House of Constantin Brancusi located at Hobiţa.

For lovers of mountain and nature, Gorj County is a paradise. In Mountains Godeanu, Parang and Vâlcan, there are several trails for hiking enthusiasts, well marked and maintained.

Climbing practitioners have 3 areas particularly spectacular: Galbenului Gorge , Olteţului Gorge and Sohodolului Gorge.
Speological potential of Gorj is significant due to its more than 2000 caves.

The most famous and most visited cave is Peștera Muierilor (Women Cave). All who have visited it, learned from guides the explanation of its name. The cave served as a shelter for women and children of families in the area when the men went into battle. The cave is divided into four floors of which only the upper is opened to visits. Here is a spectacular collection of karst formations, a fossil treasure and a colony of bats.

In Polovragi, next to the monastery of the same name, is Polovragi Cave that served as refuge for local residents in various moments of human evolution.

Transalpina Road, located at the highest altitude in the country, lies partly in Gorj. It make the connection between Novaci – Gorj to Sebes – Alba and crosses mountain areas with spectacular scenery. The route passes through the ski resort Rânca. Set in a very picturesque area at the foot of Păpușa (Doll) Peak, the resort has various facilities for winter sports.

Gorj County has several protected areas but the best known is the Sohodolului Gorge located in Vâlcan Mountains. The area is famous for its karst phenomena (sink-holes, canyons, ravines, caves) but also for the more than 120 climbing routes.
The cultural heritage of the county include also many places of worship. Here we find little wooden churches, 300 years old, like Holy Archangels Ceauru church in the town Băieşti built in 1672.

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