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Situated in Transylvania Bistrita – Năsăud has the residence located in the town of Bistrita.
The county is a particularly attractive tourist area both due to its resorts and to the presence of Rodnei Mountains.

Iarna in Romania - Județul Bistrița-Năsăud

Winter in Romania – Bistrița-Năsăud County

Bistrita city is crossed by the river Bistrita and its urban landscape includes many cultural and historical sites like:

– Coopers Tower located in Bistrita Citadel and dating back centuries XV – XVI;
– Silversmith’s House – an architectural monument;
– Evangelical church whose tower was built between 1487 -1519;
– The Orthodox Cathedral TheThree Hierarchs;
– Family Home of Andrei Muresanu.

Sângiorz-Bai resort is popular as a basis of treatment due to its 10 mineral springs. The resort also has other attractions for tourists like, The Wooden Church, Valley of Someșul Mare, and the Museum of Compared Art.

Rodnei Mountains belong to Eastern Carpathians. They are the highest and more difficult in this mountain range. Their very picturesque landscape keeps traces of ancient glaciers in form of impressive glacial cirques: Ineu – Lala, Negoiescu, Buhăiescu, Iezer, etc.gorge, waterfalls, and caves are not missing from their landscape.

More scientific and natural reserves in the territory of Rodnei Mountains are designed to protect the landscape, flora and fauna: Rodnei Mountains National Park, Scientific Reserve Pietrosul Mare, Natural Reservation Piatra Rea, Mixed Reserve Ineu – Lala; Mixed Reserve Izvoarele Mihăiesei.

If you plan to hit the road trails of Rodnei Mountains, do not forget about other attractions in the area like:

– The Historical monument Church of St. Great Martyr George and Ethnographic Museum of Mining of Rodna village
– the Historical monument consisting of wooden country house in the village Leşu
– Peasant water mills of village Săcel.
– Piatra Fantanele Resort is situated in Tihuţa Pass at the altitude of 1201 meters and has facilities for winter sports.
Colibiţa – is a village surrounded by Călimani, Rodnei and Bârgăului, Mountains. The small holiday village was developed around the lake with the same name. Besides the landscape, the very picturesque area provides opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, climbing and fishing.

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